April 6, 2008

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By Sheila Anderson

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This outing had all the charm of our first visit to Fredericksburg, plus extras! Not too early on Saturday morning, Martin Pursch conducted lessons on warm water rigging and fly selection. Martin is a friend and supporter of TWFF and we love him dearly. The idea here is to help the beginners learn the differences between trout rigging and warm water rigging. Trout fishing often uses the drift method of presenting the fly, while warm water fishing can use the cast and strip, jigging, or popping methods to present the fly. Leaders and tippets are typically larger in diameter for warm water fishing.

In the casting field we had two classes scheduled, beginning casting by Mary Rohrer and Greg Neubauer, a Certified Casting Instructor (CCI) candidate, and intermediate casting, as well. We had several women fly fishing for the very first time attending the beginner class. The intermediate class contained examples of loops, and diagnosis of individuals casting strokes, for both the intermediate and less experienced members.

Several of our members brought kayaks to use for fishing the entire 20 acre lake. Jack and Mary K. Janco tried out different kayaks because they may be interested in purchase one. Annette Blythe brought her brand new Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 ft, weighing less than 30 pounds. This boat is not only light weight, but very stable too.

Lunch was served as a benefit for Casting for Recovery® and we held a small silent auction to raise TWFF funds. The fishing was pretty good, many folks caught perch, crappie, and bass. Dinner was held at Friedhelm’s later Saturday evening and most of the participants attended. Some stayed back for the best fishing of the day. Something about sundown gets those fish active!


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