October 22, 2004

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By Mary Rohrer

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On October 22nd and 23rd, we had our fall outing in Aransas Pass. About 26 fisher-gals enjoyed the weekend of fishing and kayaking.

The weekend started at the Ransom Rd RV park for our Mullet Mixer on Friday night. Lots of great appetizers were brought to share. Glenna Noret provided our new TWFF name tags for all of the 2004 members. Our guest speaker, Bill Harvey, was unable to join us for the weekend. We were fortunate to have Billy Trimble step in for him and provide us with great information on fishing the flats. Billy went through organizing equipment we need in our kayaks, how to get positioned on the flats to find and see redfish, where to cast, and strategies to beat the wind using a fly rod. Billy did a great job on his presentation and getting us ready for Saturday morning. We all went to sleep with visions of redfish tails in our heads!

Our fishing day on Saturday started at dawn. Due to the predicted strong winds, we fished the “Brown and Root” flats on the south side of the causeway instead of the Lighthouse Lakes. Stacy Trimble, and Dean Thomas, Slowride Guide Service, met us with two other guides, Ken and Scott and to help us with our rather large group. By 7:45, all the kayaks were launched and paddling into the flats began. The four groups of fishers went to different areas in the flats. We all saw lots of schooling mullet as we paddled out, with lots of anticipation to see some tailing reds. Sheila Anderson, with Scott’s group heading west, caught the first redfish at 8:45. Kerri Stephenson caught an 18″ mullet with Scott as well. Betty Burleson also caught an 18″ mullet with Stacy. Her group went east towards Port A along some oyster reefs and saw tails later in the morning. By mid morning the tide went slack, the wind picked up and the fish were scarce. We came back to the launch area wiser in our understanding of fishing the flats.

Saturday night, we headed across channel on the ferry to Port Aransas. We had a great seafood dinner at the Crazy Cajun. We had lots of fun with piles of seafood poured on our tables and pitchers of beer brought to wash down the spicy food. Our entertainment, a one-man band with an accordion and harmonica had fun with our group playing as many fishing songs that he could muster. An enjoyable outing for all at the Coast!



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