October 11, 2013

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By Mary Rohrer

Check out more photos from this outing in our Photo Gallery!

This year’s Saltwater Outing was highly anticipated. After two fine years of great surf fishing, about 25 members headed south to the fun filled coast town of Port Aransas. Our headquarters again was the accommodating Executive Keys condos. The local fishing reports were filled with baitfish along the surf line, blitzes crashing, birds everywhere, and hot, hot jetty activity.

A handful of members were early arrivers on Friday, Deb Williams, Merilyn Evans, Diane and Richard Blair, new member Yoli Medellin, Karen Gebhardt, Don and Pat a few others scouted the bays, jetties and surf. The weather was typical October Coast all weekend, overcast and light winds from the southeast…but no baitfish, no birds and NO FISH!

Fortunately a few anglers hired guides over the weekend. Those were the only fish caught, and the catching, even with a guide was arduous. Texts and photos of redfish and black drum were our nightlights. Below are photos from Friday. Kate Allen and Stormi Johnson were with Chuck Scates. Kate landed a beautiful red; her first on a fly. Our TWFF officers, Nancy Lappin and Mary Kain went out with Billy Trimble. He got Mary on a handsome black drum (we all think Mary should use the photo for a Christmas card this year…how about that smile!) and Nancy on red.

Mary’s black drum

We were envious on the surf line seeing the texts with photos coming in. It was quiet where we were. The old adage, “you should have been here last week” were the local’s response.

Nancy’s redfish

The Friday night Mullet Mixer was a whole lot of fun. We had a few door prizes and an 8wt Saltwater TFO donation rod. Stormi “eventually” garnered the rod; with the sale of raffle tickets we raised over $250 for Casting for Recovery. Of course the food table was heavily laden with great eats. Like always, the Mixer is such a great time to catch up with other members and enjoy the friendship and hospitality of the club that makes our outings well attended and such a pleasure!

Here are the members attending the outing this year: Angie Rodriguez, Annette Blythe, Cornelia Gates and family, Debbie Williams, Diane and Richard Blair, Ellen Matthews, Em Hardy, Joyce Davis, Julie Sieh and her husband, Brett, Karen Gebhardt, Kate Allen, Kay and Les Jackson, Lori McElroy, Mary Rohrer, Mary Kain, Marilyn Young, Marilyn Evans, Nancy Lappin, Pat and Don Carlson, Sheila and Robert Anderson, Stormi Johnson, Tammy Notley, Yoli Medellin and Mary Wright and her Dad, Tony.

“Our scouts…drove down the beach and over to the jetties looking for bait fish and activities.”

Knowing the fishing conditions were, let’s say, challenging at the least, the emphasis of Saturday’s activities was to set realistic expectations about the fishing conditions. Fishing the surf would be unproductive so we focused on education.

TWFF tent beach headquarters

Pat and Don set up the TWFF tent and beach headquarters right by Executive Keys on the surf. Our awesome casting instructors and gear hounds went into full teaching mode. Sheila Anderson and Diane Blair helped out our members with great tips on casting larger rods and larger flies. Nancy Lappin worked with new members on the water. Les Jackson helped members and some locals with casting technique. Fly lines were restrung, new leaders were installed, knots were tied, rigs were set. Our scouts, Robert Anderson and Lori McElroy drove down the beach and over to the jetties looking for bait fish and activities. Alas, not much catching going on. Folks came and went from the surf, some tied flies at the condo, a handful headed with me after lunch to the South Jetty at Port A. After a lot of casting and no catching at the Jetty, we enjoyed a refreshing, cold adult beverage at the Pelican Club overlooking the harbor. Deb and Merilyn explored the North jetty. Julie Sieh and Brett kayaked the Lighthouse Lakes.

Like Friday, the fish pictures below were from our members who hired guides. Karen Gebhardt and Joyce Davis headed out with Eric Knipling. After a long, long search, Joyce landed the nice red. Yoli and Ellen Mathews went with Ellen Travis. Again after, lots of poling and picky redfish, Yoli landed her first redfish on a fly (whoo-hoo!).

Our shrimp boil on Saturday night was outstanding. Robert Anderson with his boiling pot expertise prepared great shrimp, corn, Cajun sausage, potatoes for us to enjoy. New members Mary and Tony Wright joined us for the dinner. Pat organized a short TWFF meeting and shared with us the status of elections, financials and outings for 2014. Afterwards a few folks headed to the pier, others headed to bed!

We welcomed Sunday morning with a sunrise salutation on the beach. Beautiful sunrise with storm clouds offshore. All in all a good time was had by all at the Coast this year.