March 13, 2004 – via Iframely

By Pam Vestal

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Wow! What a great trip! There were lots of white bass caught on this trip!

Many of us gathered at Becky Hand’s home for the Friday evening Mullet Mixer! THANK YOU BECKY!!!

Billy Trimble, our volunteer guide, was on-hand and provided a slide presentation and gave us excellent instruction on how to fly fish for white bass. He also provided us with flies tied just for white bass fishin’. Some of the dedicated early risers were at the Pedernales River at Reimer’s Ranch with Billy at approximately 0630. Billy helped folks get their lines strung and flies on. He stayed around all morning and as the rest of us found our way to the river, he helped us get set up and in the water, too!

It was fun seeing all of us spread out up and down the river! I was one of the few that did not get a white bass this year! But, I really enjoyed watching others catch them! Tiffany and I counted up twenty-six on this trip, but there may have been a few we missed!

Some of us found our way over to the Sportsman’s Finest Fly Shop! We spent some money there! I hope someone hits them up for a fishing cap or gift certificate or something for our auction this summer!

Our TWFF President, Sherri Ray, was the coordinator for this trip. She scouted out a new hotel and the El Arroyo, an excellent Mexican Food Restaurant. We all had a fun time telling our fish stories and catching up with each other!

On Sunday, some of us found our way over to the Shallow Water Expo and ran into some friends, tied some flies, and bought some fly fishing stuff!

We missed all of ya’ll who were unable to make the May Outing, but hope to see you at the Buddy Priddy Outing In May and/or at Homer Martin Ranch in July!



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