August 22, 2003 – via Iframely

By Sherri Ray

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Ellen Matthews and Kimberly Guido were the TWFF’s contribution to the winner’s circle at the 2003 Redfish Rodeo. Ellen and Kimberly were guided by Scott Summerlatte, who put them on fish, which added up to the Grand Slam First place win. The “slam” consisted of Redfish, Trout, Jack Crevelle, and flounder. There was one other “slam,” but the 19-inch trout made the girls the prevailing team.

There were about approximately twenty members who attended the outing. Many of our members had not previously fished the coastal waters. Lots of fun was had and lots of new experiences were enjoyed. The day was hot, but it was perfect for fly fishing in the protected areas, especially in the morning because there was essentially no wind.

This is a rare opportunity in my experience, and I am really glad that so many people were able to experience Port O’Connor during a calm weather period. The hurricane had been through POC earlier in August, but things were pretty much back to normal for the outing.

Some members brought bay boats and were able to go out on the bays and fish. That proved to be a good fishing experience. Lots of members were fishing from kayaks and fished the area behind Charlie’s Bait Camp. In the early morning, there were lots of tailing redfish to be seen, and trout were caught in this area.

The Friday night Mullet Mixer turned out to be a great idea to get everyone together. Most all TWFF members in POC attended the Mixer for the Redfish Rodeo. It was held at Sheila Anderson’s Condo at Pirates Cove. Thank you, Sheila A., for your hospitality and gracious hosting.


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