August 1, 2007 – via Iframely

By Karen Gebhart

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To all those who missed the Johnson City Outing, you missed lots of learnin’, eatin’, and sharin’. The program was set up to help all who attended hone in on skills and to learn new skills. Al Crise, MCI; Stacy Trimble, CCI; Gene Smith, entomologist; Robert Anderson, White-Water Kayaking, Intermediate Level, (NOC); and Mary Rohrer, club president led us through a well-engineered program of basic casting, casting to catch fish, extreme casting, aquatic life identification, and kayak basics. The weather was hot, very hot, but then again it is Texas in the summer. Free time included impromptu knot tying, fly tying, and general fish discussion on the back porch with the ceiling fans on high! All were encouraged to critique one another so we can become better casters. While this proved to be humbling at times, most seemed to leave with a better sense of where they are in their skill level and where they want to be.

Dare we say the food was too good? Not only can Stacy cast, teach, and catch fish, she also can make the best onion dip! The mullet mixer again proved to be more wonderful dishes than we all could possibly devour.

Getting together to enjoy a fishing outing is great, but taking time for learning is also extremely important, as many TWFF’ers move into other areas like Casting for Recovery®and Project Healing Waters. A special thank-you to all those who helped dish up, run errands, unplug drains, clean floors, pick up, take trash home, and generally saw a need and jumped in. Tight Lines!



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