Camp Honey Creek November 2–3, 2012

November 2, 2012 – via Iframely

By Vicki Andrews

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Is there a nicer little place nestled in the rolling Texas hills, cloaked by blue skies than Camp Honey Creek in Hunt, TX?…probably not. The weather was great, as was the company! The fishing, not as good as our last trip there in 2010, but several nice bass and sunfish were caught, oh…and 1 crappie caught by Frances! – via Iframely

Honey Creek
“Several new members came to be part of our wonderful group and everyone enjoyed the surroundings of Camp Honey Creek…”


Saltwater Outing September 21–23, 2012

September 21, 2012 – via Iframely

By Mary Rohrer

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It was another successful Saltwater Outing for about 25 members of TWFF. We explored surf, flats and jetties. We used vehicles, ferries, kayaks, jon boats and our own feet to gain access to the waters of the Gulf, back bays and channels. Searching for and catching saltwater species; including plenty of cooperative ladyfish, redfish, speckled trout, a few Spanish mackerel and a bonnet head shark.

The days were beautiful, calm winds and lots of sun. The surf was gentle, not too rough to wade and the falling tides brought baitfish within casting range for us to hook up the strong, fast fish in the waves. What a hoot! The blitz, the bait, and the birds make surfcasting at Port Aransas a wonderful experience and great way to enjoy our Third Coast. ALL TWFF’ers should experience the fun, the strong tug on your line of a ladyfish and ease of catching a fast saltwater species at the Coast. Fishing for Ladyfish in the surf makes for happy Texas angler-gals and guys!


Purtis Creek State Park July 20–22, 2012

July 20, 2012 – via Iframely

By Frances Estes and Rozlynn Orr

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This outing can easily be summed up as HOT, HOT, HOT. Unfortunately, that was the weather and not the fishing. TWFF members converged on little ol’ Purtis Creek beginning on Thursday evening and we endured until Sunday afternoon; pretty much a remarkable feat since the weather was in the 100’s. – via Iframely

Nice catch!


South Fork Llano River June 22–24, 2012

June 22, 2012 – via Iframely

By Britta Hebert and Leslie DeHay

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We had yet another wonderful visit to the beautiful South Llano River in Junction! This year it was very HOT with highs in the 100s!! Yet we still had a great time sharing food, friendship and laughter as we journeyed through the weekend with numerous events and plenty of water to fish.

Attendees included RW and Kathy Spencer, Pat and Don Carlson, Leslie DeHay, Britta Hebert, Lisa Hempel, Kerri and Jim Stephenson, Brook and Jenna Gura, Dawn and Jessica Dorsett and Hailey, Jolene Buford, Roz Orr, Frances Estes, Carrie Helmcamp, Sharon Leissner, Debbie Price, Laura Harper, Virpi Lahdenperä, Jack and Mary K. Janco, Greg and Sheila Setter, Joyce Davis, Jan Bates, Cindy Organ, Cindi and Will Sudds, Vicki Andrews, Mary Kain, Merilyn Evans, and Keira Quam.

People decided to stay at three different locations around Junction. Greg and Sheila stayed at the South Llano River Lodge. Keira (and her dog Gizmo), Cindy, Pat and Don stayed at Morgan Shady RV park in their RVs, and the rest of the group stayed at the Best Western Dos Rios hotel. – via Iframely

Northern view from South Llano River Lodge property.


Friday afternoon, Jan and Sharon fished at the Flat Rock Crossing area and caught a fish before the Mullet Mixer even started!! Others also fished during the day Friday at various locations and had some luck catching. As people arrived at the hotel to check in or to attend the mullet mixer, they were given a gift bag full of useful info about the area, a Koozi, a Cabela’s lanyard, a fly box from Cabela’s and three flies… score!!! Thanks go out to Mary K. Janco and Kathy Spencer who helped Leslie stuff the gift bags.

The Mullet Mixer was a delight with several yummy dishes to share amongst the group. The guest speaker for the evening was Walter Curry, owner of the South Llano River Lodge (SLRL). Walter shared that the river was actually 18 inches higher than last year during the drought! He explained the different types of fish found in the river, plus the various launch and take-out points for the kayakers. He also explained for those wading where to go along the river. All in all, his overview was very informative and helped us all get oriented to our plans for the following day. RW Spencer spoke about the clinic he would be leading on Saturday morning at the SLRL property near the river. After the Mullet Mixer, some of the group went over to the Junction Rivers Winery and enjoyed the local wines before retiring for the evening. – via Iframely

Jolene Buford working on her flies over lunch.
“Walter Curry, owner of the South Llano River Lodge (SLRL), shared that the river was actually 18 inches higher than last year during the drought!”


On Saturday morning, RW held the casting clinic at the SLRL. Kathy, Kerri, Jim, Brook, Jenna, Britta, Lisa, Leslie, Roz, Frances, Carrie, Sharon and Merilyn attended the clinic and learned all kinds of things about casting techniques, form and practice drills (casting along a straight line, casting at targets, etc.). RW was also very gracious in sharing his advice about flies to use on the river and what to look for while wading and fishing. – via Iframely

  1. W. Spencer, Leslie DeHay and Kathy Spencer.


Others came down to fish at the SLRL area throughout the day including Virpi, Jack and Mary K., Greg and Sheila, Cindy O., Mary, Jan, Joyce and Jolene. Another group decided to kayak (Keira, Dawn, Jessica, Hailey, Don, Pat and Vicki), and they headed over to the second crossing and floated down to the first crossing catching many fish along the way. Some fished at Morgan Shady, and others started out fishing at the South Llano River State Park (Debbie, Laura, Cindi and Will). Some folks also tried out Flat Rock Crossing for a change of pace (including Cindi S., Will, Roz, Frances, Virpi and Cindy O.). – via Iframely

Casting clinic participants ready to learn!


On Saturday evening, the group was treated to a tasty fajita dinner put on by the Kimble County Chamber of Commerce. Connie and Brian Booth, Judy, Theresa and Philip put all the food together and decorated the tables. It was a lovely presentation! The silent auction was set up by Cindy, Lisa and Britta, and everyone had a good time bidding and rebidding on items for sale. Jeannie of the Junction Rivers Winery said a few words about the wines they produce, and the wines were available by the glass during dinner. Sheila was presented a gift for all her wonderful work as TWFF web master, and Pat won the door prize of a bottle of wine and two wine glasses! Don, Frances, Mary and Cindy collected auction proceeds at the end of the evening – it was another successful fund raising event! – via Iframely

Pat Carlson won the door prize from Connie Booth of the Kimble County Chamber of Commerce


On Sunday, several people went out fishing again, while others headed home. Overall, the 2012 Junction outing was an extremely successful event with many great memories made! – via Iframely – via Iframely – via Iframely


Colorado River Outing April 26–28, 2012

April 26, 2012 – via Iframely

By Sharon Leissner

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A great time was had by all at the Bend, TX outing! We had our first encounter with Bad Bob (of Bad Bob’s Bend Store on Thursday night. He’s a local DJ, lead guitarist, singer in his band, owner of the only store in town and a hill country treasure! Bad Bob does it all! Including serving up the best, baddest burgers in Texas…over 10 dozen sold! – via Iframely

Bad Bob’s Band and the TWFF Singers.


Broken Bow, OK February 17–19, 2012

February 17, 2012 – via Iframely

By Pat and Don Carlson

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We can’t think of a better way to enjoy the Presidents’ Day weekend than to be on the water surrounded by two of Gods most beautiful creations. First, the majestic mountains and water of Southern Oklahoma; added to this is the presence of the one of the finest game fish in the country. These are then coupled with the friendship of many of the country’s best women fly fishers. How could this outing be anything but a HUGE SUCCESS!!!


Johnson City, Texas November 11–13, 2011

November 11, 2011 – via Iframely

By Karen Gebhardt and Cindy Organ

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The Pedernales River did not disappoint TWFF despite the formidable drought this summer. While water levels were low, fish were still tucked under the overhangs of the banks and in deeper pools of water. With the shallow water came an overgrowth of algae, slick beyond belief, that acquainted many of our bottoms with the hard limestone. However, we laughed and fished on and had our first “Fish Chick Tournament”. Visit our online gallery to check out our great fish and broad smiles.


Saltwater Outing Sept. 30–Oct. 2, 2011

September 30, 2011 – via Iframely

By Mary Rohrer

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This year’s Saltwater Outing was, finally, FISHY! About 20 TWFF members made the trek to Port Aransas this year in search of saltwater species. All of us caught fish! And many members caught LOTS of fish. We all learned lots about the saltwater environment, honed our skills, stripped the skin raw on our line fingers, and added many new species to our “life list” of fish caught. But, I’m getting ahead of myself; the main reason for our success really started Thursday night….


San Marcos, Texas August 26–28, 2011

August 26, 2011 – via Iframely

By Debbie Price and Rozlynn Orr

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Wow! Your outing coordinators could not have been more pleased with this outing. The mere fact that everyone caught fish despite the 110 degree temperatures was incredible. Our club should go down in the record books of Texas for pulling this off! We caught most every specie in the waters except for carp and a few rolling gar. The San Marcos River was not as aqua blue as usual due to all the limestone in the area but it was wet and cool as promised. Newest member Rickie Rieck pulled out a huge male, one pounder Rio Grande cichlid and almost landed a 5 pound largemouth with her guide Kevin. Some of our prouder moments included Frances Estes landing a 16+ inch largemouth bass, Joyce Davis and Greg Setter both hooking up small mouth bass, Cindi Sudds with a big ol’ catfish and the Carlson’s bringing in some good sized sunfish. Guadalupe bass were plentiful in the 12+ inch range and many members fished through the heat of the day landing fish. Lots of love goes out to all those smaller sunfish that also tugged our lines and made our hearts thump with happiness! This says a lot for our club and our fishing abilities….not to mention our tenacity and love of the sport of fly fishing.


Lady Bird Lake June 3–5, 2011

June 3, 2011 – via Iframely

By Sheila Anderson

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The Texas Women Fly Fishers came to Austin for our first outing on Lady Bird Lake (formerly Town Lake), and what a successful outing it was.  Once traffic was negotiated and hotel or other lodging was found, we met at Sportsman’s Finest for a Fajita Dinner Mullet Mixer.  Stacy Lynn, Sportsman’s Finest Operations Manager, provided the wonderful dinner that was grilled in the back yard by Greg Welander—Fly Fishing Sales and Austin Fly Fisher member.  The meal was complemented with homemade Spanish rice, beans, and delicious lemon bars from Stacy’s mom’s recipe.

The members of Austin Fly Fishers were invited to join us at the mullet mixer to provide local fishing knowledge of Lady Bird Lake, and more specifically to help us understand the “rules” of their PerchMasters Tournament.  This is a fun tournament they hold annually, and we had been invited to join in for a little fishing competition.  Doug Kierklewski gave a humorous, yet insightful, presentation about fishing the waters of Lady Bird Lake.  After he spoke, I think we were not much closer to understanding the “rules” of the tournament.  We came away with, “the most fish caught by an angler entitles them to become the reigning PerchMaster.