April 5, 2013

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By Sharon Leissner

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The Paluxy outing at Glen Rose, Texas, took place April 5–7, 2013 and was lots of fun, thanks to everyone who attended the outing!

Don Carlson caught a huge carp on a 4 wt rod that took him 30 minutes to land, and most everyone else was successful catching bass or sunfish.

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Don Carlson shows off his big carp catch of the day!

We had a wonderful auction and a very big thanks to all who donated and bid on items to help make the auction successful! An extra special appreciation goes out to all who helped set up and conduct the auction! We raised lots of money for TWFF, CFR, and our conservation project.

Country Woods Inn in Glen Ross was our outing headquarters!

Heather Gherke spoke about CFR and the positive impact she’s seen it have on people’s lives’.

Sean Polk from Tailwaters in Dallas spoke Friday night about where to fish the Paluxy and what flies to use then led a beginning fly fishing class on Saturday morning along with Diane Blair who led an intermediate fly fishing class.

Tony Guzman, the originator of the briminator pattern that’s been so successful, spent Saturday sharing his tying patterns and technique.

Some nice bass were caught in the State Park and several of the river crossings. Siren’s Hole produced some nice sunfish.

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Thanks again to all who attended: Sammie Aden, Sheila Anderson, Kate Allen, Vicki Andrews, Jan Bates, Lisa Bellar, Diane and Richard Blair, Annette Blythe, Jolene Buford, Betty Burleson, Pat and Don Carlson, Beverly and Roger Casey, Joyce Davis, Frances Estes, Merilyn Evans, Debra Galloway, Karen Gebhardt, Heather and Ryan Gehrke, Kathy Goodlett, Karla Grimwood, Tony Guzman, Em Hardy, Carrie Helmcamp, Mary K. and Jack Janco, Stormi Johnson, Mary Kain, Nancy Lappin, Sharon and Lane Leissner, Linda Love, Karen Mitchell, Cindy Organ, Rozlynn Orr, Debbie Price, Lydia Rayner, Sheila and Greg Setter, Amy Setter, Julie Sieh, Kerri Stephenson, Linda Malsbary, Cindi and Will Sudds, and Deb Williams.

“We had a wonderful auction and a very big thanks to all who donated and bid on items
to help make the auction successful!”

twff.net – via Iframely