March 21, 2003 – via Iframely

By Sherri Ray and Coco Davenport

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What a GREAT group of women fly fishers at our Marble Falls outing! In spite of unknown fishing territory and yucky weather, they were super. We were lucky to have Jodi Rector for her first trip, all the way from San Angelo. She and her dad returned to our fishing spot and “racked up,” as she put it in an email after the trip. Pam Vestal, her friend Maryann and Pam’s 15-year-old daughter, Tiffany, came all the way from Spring and the Katy area. We really enjoyed their company. How wonderful to see a member of the new generation out there in her hip waders. She should be on a fly-fishing calendar, what a cutie! Those of you who were at Homer Martin remember that we were lucky to have Luke, Sarah’s nephew, along. It is really gratifying to see a part our mission being fulfilled before our very eyes!! By the way, Sarah Valentine gets the Bravery Award for going swimming so early in the year. Ask her about it. Debi Prather and Mary Rohrer came out for the day, and Kerri and Jim Stephenson came out Saturday morning before most of us started fishing due to the weather. Our hats are really off to Sheila Anderson for taking her duties as Historian so seriously.

View her photos here: Sheila even came to our Saturday night dinner despite a migraine and took pictures. Love your dedication.

Some of us arrived on Thursday and Friday and fished the Max Starkey Dam in Marble Falls. We didn’t have much luck, and it was as crowded as we were told it might be. We decided that Reimer’s Ranch was not very far away, and we had been hearing really great white bass reports, so on Saturday off we went. The weather forecast predicted that the worst weather would move out on Saturday morning, so we decided to go to breakfast first thing at The Bluebonnet. This turned out to be a good idea — by the time we arrived at Reimer’s Ranch the skies had cleared and the sun was shining, hooray! It was, however, very muddy and those with four wheel drives were glad they had them. Jim and Kerri (who had arrived there early and fished in the heavy rain) told us that it was extremely muddy and that we should park most of the cars up top and only take four wheel drives down to the water. We stopped at the first parking area while several folks went on to check out the roads. While Debi visited the port-a-potty, Audrey, Sarah and yours truly thought it would be really funny to shake the “outhouse” while she was in there. So we snuck up very quietly and on a whispered 1-2-3 count, tipped the outhouse. Nothing happened. Just as we turned to look at each other with wondering looks on our faces, Debi stepped out of the OTHER port-a-potty. So much for the best laid plans of mice and men. Debi got the last laugh.

Please humor me for one more story. As Becky and I pulled up at the first parking area at Reimer’s, an LCRA patrol truck pulled up behind us, seemingly in a serious business manner. I looked at Becky, thinking that she could explain what was happening. She had a horrified look on her face. We both started to discuss how we hadn’t done anything yet—it couldn’t be our fishing licenses since we couldn’t even see the water. Becky warily stepped out of the truck, still with that scared look on her face and then cracked up laughing. Turns out the LCRA patrolman was Joy’s daughter, and Joy had ask her to scare and tease Becky just a little. It worked! I only wish I had known what was going on as it happened so I could have taken a picture of Becky’s face to share with you instead of just telling you about it. One hardly ever sees Becky even a little shaken.

Becky, Joy and CJ brought their kayaks and they all caught fish. Other fish were caught—but not by me. Maybe we’ll have better luck at the Bud Priddy. (I cannot wait for the Bud Priddy One Fly. One of my favorite “fish-on” experiences happened on the Nueces year before last. Not a real large fish, 10 inches, but he blew up and jumped and fought like crazy. It was as fun as those big reds on the coast.)

We had a short and sweet business meeting Saturday evening. We discussed membership and “how to’s” for making it bigger and better. The most important thing was that we voted Audrey Ambrose in as the acting First Vice President, to fill the position left open by the resignation of Kathy Goodlett. We are excited to have Audrey on board. She was a great help in our fund raising effort at the Houston County Lake outing held in Crockett. Audrey is very organized, levelheaded, business savvy and did I mention FUN!!

We have to thank Sheila and Randall Hood for allowing us to use their RV “yard” for our meeting place, since I lost the keys to the meeting room in the “potty shaking” extravaganza. (I did find them later.) We also must thank Coco for making and sharing the first and best Mole I have ever tasted. All these things are such good stuff. Our outings should be mentioned in Kenny Chesney song (sorry if you don’t’ listen to Kenny Chesney).

Pleaseplan to come and be a part of the Bud Priddy One Fly outing, May 16–18 at Camp Wood. There is a beautiful creek to fish located on the road to Lost Canyon. My vehicle just stops there on it’s very own and ejects me out to fish it before I can ever make it to Lost Canyon. Lost Canyon gives us a chance to be headquartered in absolutely beautiful surroundings where we can all be together and enjoy each others company, share some fishing stories, some casting practice and strategy for the contest.

If you have not fished the Bud Priddy previously, please do not be put off by the fact that it is called a “contest”. It is very low key. Maps are handed out with suggested fishing places, then everyone is on their own to fish anywhere on the river. Each participant reports her catch based on the honor system. After the contest there is a wonderful dinner at the Casa Falcone restaurant, with really great door prizes in addition to prizes for the contest winners.

I have two suggestions based on experience. First, stop fishing and get off the river early enough to change clothes before you go to dinner – everyone will appreciate it. Second, bring plenty of sun screen. My Native American heritage allows me to be liberal with the sun screen but I burned like crazy over the course of the day.

Can’t wait to see you all there!!!

More Outing Report!

by Coco Davenport

(Editor’s Note: I cajoled an outing report out of Coco before getting Sherri’s, above. So, you get two outing reports this time. ~ Debi)

I arrived early about 10 am Friday at the RiverView RV Park in Marble Falls. Yeah, my spot was ready. While I was preparing to move on from the office to my appointed spot, Audrey and Sarah arrived. We soon found out that Sherri had arrived the day before. Soon there after CJ Vaughn and Joy arrived followed by Sheila and Randall and Becky. Now how fun was that? Old home week as we set up our rigs and awaited word from other members. Sherri, Audrey, Sarah and I tried to fish below the dam at the ramp. It was pretty tricky getting down to the water and the fish were not cooperative. I kept looking up the very steep path that lead to the water wondering how I could make it back if they opened the flood gates. Hmmm… my advanced age is catching up with me.

Friday evening Pam Vestal and her daughter Tiffany and her friend Mary Ann arrived, along with Sheila and Robert Anderson and Jodie Rector and her Dad, Ronny and Kayla. We all sat around the campfire at Sheila Hoods RV eating drinking and talked about all the fish we planned on catching on Saturday at Reimer Ranch.

Saturday we took off in a caravan to Reimer’s Ranch in the rain. Kerri and Jim, and Jodie and her Dad had gotten there early and fished in the rain with some luck. By the time we slid down to the water the rain had stopped. Somewhere along the trail Debi arrived much to the joy of one and all. We all found a place to fish. The absolutely best part was watching Becky shuttle Audrey and Sarah to the other side of the river in her kayak. It was touch and go all the way. Sarah caught a good fish and then slipped off the rocks trying to bring it in. Poor thing she filled her wader with icy water on the down. We all cheered from the far side of the river as she stripped and tried to dry out.

Saturday evening we met at Docks for dinner. Lots of stories were shared and lots of laughs were had mostly at Sarah’s expense. After dinner there was more visiting at Sheila and Randall’s RV around the campfire and a short business meeting was held there.

A special thanks to Sheila Anderson who took fantastic pictures and managed to come the dinner despite a huge migraine just to take our pictures and then return to Barbara Booth’s place where she and Robert were staying to put her little aching head on a pillow and totally crash. Sunday we shared a pot luck breakfast and packed up our things and went home.

It is always an adventure when we have an outing—always fun and always rewarding. I think we are all anxiously awaiting our next outing at Bud Priddy.

After-the-fact 4-wheel driving tip from Steve Prather: When going downhill in deep mud, TAKE IT OUT OF 4WD. This will prevent the disconcerting sensation that one’s rear end is trying to pass one’s front end. I basically slid down that hill like a toboggan. Also, it was fun fishing with the many different fishermen (and they were mostly men) at Reimer’s for the white bass run. Various fly fishers reported that they had done well in the early morning rain, but in the late morning hours, I gotta tell you, those bait fishermen were the only ones haulin’ them in. I had forgotten what a neat place Reimer’s is – and good for kayak fishing too.



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