June 7, 2013

By Frances Estes and Rozlynn Orr

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Fishing The Slab and Long’s Fish Camp:Can I say, what a “doozy”?

 doo·zy  /ˈdo͞ozē/ Noun Something outstanding or unique of its kind.

Yep, I believe we can call the Kingsland outing a DOOZY!

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Just when I was thinking that our outings couldn’t get any better we get a little help from one of our members and it ends up blowing the outing out of the water. Talk about an ‘explosive top-water bite’! If you didn’t make this outing, then you should probably kick yourself in the shin. Member Judy Lunn was the icing on the cake or our ‘explosive top-water bite’. In planning the outing, Judy demurely inquired if she could sing for the group and teach us how to line dance. This sounded good so we welcomed her offer. Little did I know what we were in for.  Judy has recorded a tribute album to John Denver using his band and she is currently auditioning for the TV show, the Voice in July.  To that we say, GO JUDY, you definitely have our TWFF votes! She bills herself as the singing DJ and that seems to be an understatement to me. Not only does she have a beautiful voice accompanied by her virtual band, she is a wiz at entertainment and she’s a great line dancing instructor. Most of our members readily joined in the line dancing lessons and were tennis shoe scootin’, dirt-slingin’, grass-stompin’ beauties having the time of their lives. Judy treated us with tunes on both Friday and Saturday evening. My impression of our dancing anglers is that we need more lessons (hint, hint Judy), and that we are much better fish wranglers than line dancers. All to be improved upon at a future date!

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After our sumptuous Friday night Mullet Mixer, member Chris Johnson enlightened us on flies and techniques for fishing the N. Llano River. His presentation was spot-on, direct, informative and really had us all wanting to try out this new location. Plans were made for Saturday fishing, shuttling anglers both to Long’s Fish Camp and The Slab.

Saturday fishing was great with some of our members catching large numbers of fish, with species ranging from small size panfish to several largemouth bass, numerous guads, a toothy gar, and a whopper catfish hauled in by Amy W. who has appropriately earned the nickname of ‘Flathead’. Our novice members were given some introductory fishing lessons and some managed to catch their first fish on the fly! Unfortunately, I had to run to get our Saturday bbq and I left the 3 newbies to fend for themselves on the river. As rain caught up with us on Sunday morning, I didn’t get to finish fishing with this group. (We’ll make it a ‘do-over’ at another outing).

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This remote area on the N. Llano is mostly overlooked by Hill Country fishers and I’m not quite sure why; maybe it the lack of access points but the structure of the river allows for many anglers and a lot of privacy while fishing. You can’t see other anglers around the pink granite out-croppings so you are treated with a day of solitude on this pristine river. Many of our area fisher ladies were surprised to find this gem of a river. I’ve also heard many requests for TWFF to return here for a future outing. (hint, hint 2014 Outing Committee).

Bottom line, what makes a good outing? Keeping the members together and building camaraderie within the group while broadening our fishing skills and catching fish with just a tad of some plain ol’ little kid fun thrown in on top. The little kid in me had a big grin on her face on the way home. Hope you enjoyed this new venue with all it’s hidden treasures tucked amidst the iridescent pink granite!

Attendees included: Kate Allen, Vicki Andrews, Jessica Archer, Jan Bates, Pat Carlson, Don Carlson, Mary Coffey, Joyce Davis, Leslie DeHay, Frances Estes, Karen Gebhardt, Em Hardy, Drew Hardy, Britta Hebert, Greg Hebert, Chris Johnson, Stormi Johnson, Nancy Lappin, Sharon Leissner, Judy Lunn, Lori McElroy, Rozlynn Orr, Keira Quam, Mary Rohrer, Greg Setter, Julie Sieh, Neil West, Amy Wilkerson, and Marilyn Young.

Here are a few comments from our members:

“I had a great time at Kingsland and hope the club can go back in the future. The area has both challenging and easier fishing opportunities all very close together and seemed perfect to me. A little more shade would have been appreciated but overall I thought it was just right. Loved, loved, loved having Judy and her music to relax with in the evening!” ~  Marilyn Y.

“WOW!! This was not just an outing – this was an event. Don and I don’t know which was best: Great food, Wonderful entertainment, or Fantastic fishing. At one point we had several of us lined up shoulder to shoulder pulling fish out of one hole for close to an hour. Judy’s singing certainly will be remembered for years to come. We must do that again. Thanks to everyone for wonderful memories.”  ~  Pat C.

“The Kingsland outing included serious and successful fishing in addition to music, dancing and lots of time for fellowship. The facilities allowed most people to overnight close to one another, which I believe builds our TWFF “community”. People who joined us for the first time commented on the relationships they saw and wanted to join. They felt support as they learned to fish but were also encouraged that there were going to make new friends. We have a unique group of women who are fun to hang out with on and off the water. Thanks for all the work you guys did. I had a great time and caught more fish than I have in a long time.” ~  Keira Q.

“I had a great time. This whole weekend was nice and laid back somehow which was awesome. This trip and location left me with an even greater appetite for fly fishing our amazing Texas fresh water locations. I think Kingsland was especially good cause the fish though small were plenty, and pools of them were many. My favorite thing to do since I was a little girl, is to rock hop a pretty stream, and here I had the perfect mission to do so! Another biggie is that even for a new fly fisher like me, it was all very accessible. By that I mean the access was pretty easy to understand where the heck we were going, and what our choices were when we got there. Then of course we were armed with the information we needed for flies and fishing strategy, thanks to the Friday night talk by Chris. Therefore I felt confident on my own or with a buddy with similar skill level, and just went for it. Loved it!”  ~  Kate A.

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“I had a great time! I realized how much I have missed the company of women (almost exclusively). The Llano river is beauuuutiful!! I can’t wait to return; plenty of sunfish and a couple nice Guad bass.” ~  Lori M.

“The Kingsland outing was good! I had never been to The Slab or fished this portion of the Llano River. This outing added another really cool place on my favorites list. Quite a different environment from Junction!” ~  Mary R.

“I had a lot of fun! I learned a lot and want to thank you and all the rest of the members for making me and the other new members feel so welcome. Such a pretty drive to Kingsland and those pink boulders were something else! Great instructions and looking forward to practicing the casting and catching a fish. I also learned fly fishing is not as easy as it looks in the movies!”  ~   Mary C.

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Hope you were one of the lucky ones that made this outstanding outing! If not, maybe TWFF will get to revisit this area in the future. Thanks to everyone for their help and participation with the event! And Judy, I’ve been humming Patsy Cline daily since this outing.

See you at the next outing in Kingsland!