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By Rozlynn Orr

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This outing can easily be likened to a three-ring circus. We had more activities than one could shake a stick at, and we also had more fun than the proverbial “barrel of monkeys.”

We were joined by members of the Dallas Bass’N Gals and got to witness them catching their first fish on the fly. We also learned about their fishing club and interests. Jeff Jackson from TFO, (Temple Fork Outfitters) was there with their extensive line of fly rods and their new BVK prototype rod – SWEET. Rex and Taylor Walker braved the heat and had the expertise to offer instruction for all our skill levels, from novice casters to fine tuning for those that are working on their CCI’s. Their enthusiasm for casting and fly fishing is more than contagious. Joyce Davis took us to a cooler climate and some beautiful scenery with her presentation about fishing in Alaska. We had a special presentation by Kyle Hand on the similarities and differences between fly fishing flies and bait casting lures. Kyle also treated us to fly tying lessons. We topped all this off with a silent auction put on by Karla Grimwood. Thanks Karla for the great auction items and thanks to our members that bid up the items in support of the club!

We “floor camped” in the Rec Center and that was a fun experience too. I think everyone was so knocked out from the heat that sleep came readily. Mary K. Janco was master chef and had prepared enough food for a small army and then some. It was enough to keep our fishing troops active and on the water throughout the weekend.

Fishing was a little slow in the river behind the dam Saturday morning. There was also a stench from the lake turning over and settling. Diana Kunde managed to find a spot off the Oklahoma shore and started catching stripers. Jan Bruner of Dallas Bass’N Gals joined her and caught her first striper on the fly. Inge Kirby also of Dallas Bass’N Gals caught a nice sized black crappie Friday evening from a pier; her first fish on the fly. Saturday evening, some of our members fished in the park off of Armadillo Hill. Mary Rohrer caught a striper and Frances Estes hooked a HUGE black bass that was estimated to weigh between 7 – 8 pounds; NICE FISH!

Sunday morning, members headed for home but a few stayed and fished on the lakeside of the dam. The stripers were all up against the shore and most were 18″ and larger. Jan Bates, Frances Estes, and I had numerous triple hooks ups. We called some more members to join us. There were a couple of bait fishermen that kept watching us catch all the fish. The one guy came and stood at the end of our line on the bank and fished with us. Every time I looked down our row of fishers, he kept moving up our line until he was standing between us. He never did catch any stripers. I kept thinking that those two guys were going to be having some really bad dreams that night. The one guy kept muttering that he needed to go and buy a fly rod. Our group was certainly testimony to the fun and effectiveness of fly fishing.

Attendees included: Sheila Anderson, Jan Bates, Barbara Booth, Joyce Davis, Frances Estes, Debra Galloway, Karen Gebhardt, Diana Kunde, Mary K. and Jack Janco, Rozlynn Orr, Debbie Price, Mary Rohrer, and Sheila and Greg Setter. We also were very fortunate to be joined by 4 ladies from Decatur who also joined the club: Deborah Hilton, Pam Holland, Teresa Powell, and Linda Whiddon. We were joined by Dallas Bass’N Gals members: Cheryl Bowden, Jan Bruner, Linda Doyle, and Inge Kirby. Thanks ladies for joining us and you all are going to have to meet up with us again in the future! Steve Hollensed also stopped by to say “hi”. He guided Joyce Davis on the lake fishing for striper where Joyce landed 40+ stripers!

Sometimes in the fishing world things just work out perfectly and this was one of them! Success is not always measured by the numbers of fish we catch, but by all we learn, the experiences we have, and the friends we make and keep. But, as far as fish numbers go, we caught almost 200 striper, some sunfish, a black crappie, a 7 – 8 pound native black bass, and a small mouth bass. Not bad for a TWFF outing in 100-plus degree temperatures!

On a personal note, I can’t ever say these words enough to our group, but again, I’d like to thank everyone who played such big roles volunteering with planning, cooking, clean-up, casting, fly tying, instructing, and making the weekend such a pleasurable experience for members and guests alike. I think that as a group, we really shine!

“You all were just what I needed. You know, no one can understand women like women!”~ Karen Gebhardt

“We talked about our day with TWFF most of the way home that night.It was a fantastic day. Big thank you’s to everyone in the club for making us all feel so welcome. I’m looking forward to being with the group again soon.” ~ Pam Holland

“Thanks for the positive words! The day was a huge plus for us – we certainly got more “learning” and attention than we ever thought we would. Y’all are great.” ~ Linda Whiddon

“Saturday was a lot of fun. It sounds like the fishing was great.
It may have been a little warm, but otherwise you picked a good weekend to host this event. I was impressed with all the activities you had planned. You had a nice weekend setup. I’m glad the fish decided to co-operate. That was a really nice bonus. Just let me know if you want my help again.”
~ Rex Walker

“This was my very first time fishing for striper – so it was exciting for me! Once I found a sweet spot on the Oklahoma side I pulled in five striper on Saturday morning, so that felt good. (Yes, Roz, I know it wasn’t 80-some, but it’s a start.) It was kinda fun bunking in the rec. center The food was awesome, and the Bass’N Gals were fun. Thank you for planning casting help, fly tying and rod testing during the heat of the day.” ~ Diana Kunde

“I had a wonderful time…especially enjoyed the camaraderie. It’s always a pleasure to spend time w/ the TWFF ladies, everyone is always so helpful and accommodating. I especially wanted to thank you and Frances for being so patient w/ me….it had been awhile since I last did any casting and like any other skill, if you don’t use it, you lose.” ~ Debra Galloway

“I appreciate all of the work the Texoma chairs did to put on such a great event. I was happy you had something planned for the heat of the day. I couldn’t stay out long enough to test all of the rods….Kyle’s tying was super! Nice to meet the Bass ‘n Gals and new members. I guess I’ll have to get some fish smell for the next time I use sunscreen.” ~ Joyce Davis

“I didn’t catch a striper, but I still had a blast! It was wonderful to see everyone again. The dormitory style sleeping arrangement in the Recreation Hall was a great idea….inexpensive and fun. We signed up four new TWFF members and got to fish with some of the members of Dallas Bass’N Gals!” ~ Debbie Price

“Great weekend – thanks for inviting us! Nice to meet so many women who share the same passion about fishing, and the instruction was extraordinary!” Jan Bruner – President, Dallas Bass’N Gals

“My favorite part was fishing on Saturday night at the lake in the park when Frances and Mary both caught fish on the point. Temp was cooler and it was clean and didn’t stink! Oh, and the food was fabulous! You all way outdid yourselves putting all that together –
a great big huge thank you!”
~ Sheila A.

“I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed our outing together at lake Texoma. You guys are a top notch group and so much fun to be with. I hope to be able to ioin you all again on one of your outings. Thank all the girls for the good food and all the lessons. I will be practicing in my back yard with the casting so I will stop my cast as I should. Now that the weather is getting a little cooler I will probably hit some of the lakes with that fly rod.

“Thanks again for the invitation and all the help. Please let me know when you have your next get together as I will probably want to join your organization, schedule permitting.” ~ Inge Kirby, Dallas Bass”N Gals


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