November 11, 2011 – via Iframely

By Karen Gebhardt and Cindy Organ

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The Pedernales River did not disappoint TWFF despite the formidable drought this summer. While water levels were low, fish were still tucked under the overhangs of the banks and in deeper pools of water. With the shallow water came an overgrowth of algae, slick beyond belief, that acquainted many of our bottoms with the hard limestone. However, we laughed and fished on and had our first “Fish Chick Tournament”. Visit our online gallery to check out our great fish and broad smiles.

Let’s begin by reporting the tournament winners:

• Most Fish: Linda Love

• Carp: Lindy Dalrymple

• Largest Bass: Vicki Andrews

• Best Ensemble: Lavene Jones

• Most Determined: Lindy Dalrymple

Johnson city girl3s

However, we were all winners. The weather was wonderful, the laughter and food was off the charts (you may have missed the best bread pudding with caramel sauce from Pat Carlson AND the best brownies from Pam Holland), and a royal welcome from Johnson City.

We had several new members and guests, Frank and Linda Whitted, Lindy Dalrymple and Bruce Wilks, Seema Balwani, Jessica Archer, and Carrie Helmcamp. And as you know beginning fishermen always catch the biggest fish. Seema’s comments were, “I think there is a tug on my line”. And right she was. While she did not fish in the tournament, she without doubt caught the biggest bass. Way to go Seema. You think she is hooked?

Jan Bates and Rozlynn Orr did lots of casting instruction, Cindy Organ went above and beyond in securing goody bag items, and we had not one goody bag but two! One was from TWFF funding and Johnson City Chamber of Commerce threw in another. The Black Spur Emporium offered free coffee to all TWFF members for the week-end if they would go in and critique the coffee. Their new coffee house opens on Friday, November 25.

johnson city gretchen

Gretchen and Frances

The Pecan Street Brewing Company set us up with our own room and great food. If there were any complaints about the food I did not hear them! Many participants had free coupons in their Johnson City goody bags for free beer sampling or a free hors d’oeuvres. And if you were not there you missed the quick feet and great rhythm on Janice Togal as she danced around listening to the street band on the square. That lady can dance!

Johnson city girls2

Janice and Sharon

Thanks to all who picked up dishes, put food away, and a great big thanks to the “Garbage Angels” who took a bag home.

Those in attendance: Vicki Andrews, Jessica Archer, Seema Balwani, Jan Bates,Pat and Don Carlson, Lindy Dalrymple & Bruce Wilks, Leslie DeHay, Frances Estes, Carrie Helmcamp, Pam Holland, Karen Gebhardt – outing coordinator, Britta Hebert, Lavene Jones, Mary Kain, Sharon Leissner, Linda Love, Gretchen Neubauer, Cindy Organ – outing coordinator, Rozlynn Orr, Debbie Price, Mary Rohrer, Janice Togal, Linda Whiddon, and Linda and Frank Whitted.

Johnson city girls

Carrie and Sharon – via Iframely