May 15, 2009 – via Iframely

By Lavene Jones

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Frances Hamm and Lavene Jones attended the 3rd annual Conclave of the Federation of Fly Fishers in Lake Charles, LA on May 15-17. It was a weekend of introducing TWFF to attendees and raising money for both Casting for Recovery and for our club, as well as attending classes offered in casting, fish fighting techniques, and fly tying.

Mary Rohrer was unable to attend but received an award in absentia for excellence in fly fishing and teaching activities. Additionally, Mary and Frances Hamm were elected to the Conclave Board. Once again, Frances was in charge of the Ladies’ Outreach Luncheon. It was great fun, with Wanda Taylor of Georgia as the speaker. She was the first woman to become a Certified Casting Instructor and operates a casting school and guiding service with her husband, Gary.

At the Board Meeting, it was decided that the Conclave will move to a different location next year. The Gulf Coast Council includes fly fishers from the Florida coast through the Texas coast, so it well be a challenge to find a location accessible to everyone. TWFF members are encouraged to suggest locations; suggestions can be given to Frances for consideration by the Board.

Attendance was down this year; hopefully, the economy will improve and attendance will go back up next year. FFF is important to the sport of fly fishing, especially in providing political strength to support care of rivers, access to fishing areas, stocking fishing areas, etc. TWFF members are encouraged to plan on going to next year’s conclave, both for fun and education, and to support Gulf Coast Conclave of the FFF.

TFO company donated five rods and five reels to the conclave to be used for teaching purposes. The Conclave Board has asked TWFF if we would be in charge of them, since we do a lot educational activities; however, we would have to make them available to other clubs for educational activities when requested to do so by the Conclave Board. Our Officers and Board members will need to decide whether we want to “house” and use the rods and reels.


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