January 23, 2004

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By Sheila Anderson and Becky Hand

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We all arrived safely at the Summit Resort on Friday evening and headed to the clubhouse for our Mullet Mixer. Sherri Ray had made a poster board presentation that contained information all about trout fishing. We learned where to fish, what they eat, what kind of flies to use, various knots, more information than a person could absorb in a short time. It was very informative and very much appreciated.

The day before our arrival, the lake release was increased from 160 cfs to 380 cfs, much to our dismay. We were all hopeful to have perfect conditions to trout fish, but they were not to be had this year. I must comment that 380 cfs is a vast improvement over our two past trout outings. The first outing on the Guadalupe in 2001 had the release at 800 cfs, while the next year’s release was 600 cfs. Both these levels are not considered safe for wading. At least we were able to explore more of the river than in previous years.

A cold front arrived early Saturday morning bringing some scattered showers. The weather in combination with the increased flow proved to be our downfall. No one caught a fish. We gave it a good effort, then went into Gruene for some shopping and dining. Saturday evening we ate BBQ dinner at the clubhouse and settled in for our guest speaker’s presentation.

Dr. Bill Harvey of Texas Parks and Wildlife gave a presentation on saltwater fishing in the shallow bay waters around Port Aransas. We learned the best time to fish for trout and reds is during the falling tide. As the tide falls, small fish food cannot keep from being pulled through the cuts between land formations in the bays. The predator fish lay in wait outside the cut and snap up dinner as it’s pulled through. The best place to fish is outside the cuts where the predator fish are. He also described the adaptations fish must make when a cold front comes through. They do not eat for up to two days as they adapt to new conditions. This helped explain why we caught no fish on the Guadalupe.

Lastly, we brought our meeting to order. We elected new officers, and planned the September and November outings. Go to our website at www.twff.net to view the coming outings. Thank you to all who volunteered to coordinate the various outings this year. We look forward to another great year together.



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