January 18, 2008

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By Sheila Anderson

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At last, a year with weather worthy of fishing! We did not get “stormed” out, nor was the flow too high at ~200cfs. That’s not to say it wasn’t a little chilly. We planned to tie flies, as usual, with the option to fish if weather and flow permitted. Kyle Hand generously offered his time, materials, and talents to us again, for a day of fly tying and learning.

viseWhat a wonderful teacher. Along with his wife, Susan, Kyle braved the cold North Texas weather to make the trip down to the Summit. Coco helped while Kyle taught us to tie a couple of flies. With the attention of many women new to tying, Kyle and Coco successfully taught the use of tools and materials for tying the flies.

The nice weather couldn’t hold us in this year. Several people drove into Gruene for lunch and shopping, while others headed to the river to wet their lines. Lavene Jones and Cindi Sudds were two that caught fish, while others gave a great effort. Greg and Gretchen Neubauer imparted local fishing knowledge to us. To successfully catch trout in the Guadalupe, they said, you must use weight to get your attractor and dropper flies down to the fish quickly. The fish lay in the in the deep pools and runs and rarely see the flies if they drift too high above them. Evidently, Lavene and Cindy had the right amount of weight on their lines.


Mary Roher and Mary Kain


Saturday evening after catered barbeque dinner, we had our annual membership meeting. Mary Rohrer, our president, started off the meeting with a question, “If you could fish with anyone, past or present, who would you choose?” Some people chosen were Brad Pitt, John Travolta, and other celebrities. Yet, other women, if given the opportunity, would fish with present or departed family members. My favorite person was chosen by Betty Burleson. She would like to fish with Cindy Sudds. Most of us know that Cindy is the best fisher person in all of TWFF.

I believe this was our most well attended January outing at the Summit with over 30 people participating this year. I hope everyone had an enjoyable time, and may we continue to have great fishing experiences as we go through this year. See you in Fredericksburg in April!


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