January 9, 2015

Hosted by Karen Gebhardt and Pat Carlson

Check out more photos from this outing in our Photo Gallery!

Alright, alright, what you didn’t miss at the January Guadalupe River Outing:

Ice on your fly line
Ice in your guides
Shaking knees
Freezing hands
Runny noses

Now, what you DID miss at our January Outing:

Lots and lots of TROUT
Great comradery (as always)
Good food
Lots of fly tying, teaching, and yaking
Jimbo’s super Guadalupe river nymphing techniques…humor…and slide presentation


The outing began for many of us on Thursday with fishing and getting ourselves set up. Friday was another day of fishing and the mullet mixer which was very well attended. In fact more members were there for the MM than at the dinner on Saturday night; must have been chatter about the entertaining presentation by Jimbo that preceded the outing.

“…SO SO good to see everyone this weekend!”

Saturday many of us met in the meeting room at 8:00 AM to buddy up with GRTU members and use the GRTU lease access sites to catch some great fish. Chris Johnson from Living Waters Fly Shop organized the day of fishing. It was cold but very productive. Those that chose not to fish camped out in the meeting room with hot chocolate, hot soup, chili, and lots of snacks while they tied flies. Kay Jackson was so pleased that as a fairly new tier she can now use the whip finish tool. Yeah Kay! Others decided to go out a bit later and the GRTU members were such troopers they went out again as well. Our many thanks to Chris and Emily Johnson, Mark Dillow, Raphael Torres, and Rob Freeman our GRTU friends present. There were many of our TWFF members who also are GRTU members who came out to help and fish.

Notice to Anglers

Pat and her leadership team: Sheila Anderson, Karen Gebhardt, Joyce Davis, Marilyn Young, Vickie Andrews, Rozlynn Orr, and Ellen Mathews passed over the 2015 leadership to Joyce Davis and her Executive Board of Sheila Anderson, Karen Gebhardt, Tammy Notley, Marilyn Young, Ellen Mathews, Lori McElroy, and Keira Quam. We certainly appreciate each of these wonderful ladies and give them our full support.

Success by new members and first time angler Amanda
(not sure who was hooked more – the fish or Amanda)!

Joyce presented our behind the scenes guy Don Carlson with a really cool belt with trout all over it….Don we thank you.

Joyce presented Pat with the cutest serving bow shaped like a fish with big red lips! Pat quickly kissed the red lips and was already thinking about what she would make to fill that big bowl. Pat, we thank you for all the love, care, and great leadership you have given us for the last two years. So Pat, “pat yourself on the back” for a job well done!

Guad fishers 2015

This wonderful experience was shared by the following folks: Kate Allen, Amanda Allen and Nate Nelson (new members), Vickie Andrews, Sheila Anderson, Janet and Emery Baca, Peggy Carl, Pat and Don Carlson, Beverly and Roger Casey, Joyce Davis, Marilyn Evans, Cheryl Farrell, Susan Gaetz, Karen Gebhardt, Gretchen Gettelman, Beverly Gordon, Britta Hebert, Mary Hulett Jorgen Hog, Kay and Les Jackson, Stormi Johnson, Mary Kain, Mary and Amber Liebermann, Linda Love, Judy Lunn, Lori McElroy, and Cindy Organ.

First trout on a fly!

And finally what we at the outing missed:


First fish on a Tenkara rod!