April 24, 2009

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By Rozlynn Orr

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You’ve most likely heard the expression, “Older than dirt.” Well, Texas Women Fly Fishers have fished the waters that run over the dirt and rocks that are older than the dirt in that expression! TWFF journeyed to the land of dinosaurs to meet with strong winds, colorful “greenies,” and assorted sunfish, cats, spotted bass, and large mouth bass. We also ran into the infamous fly fishing wizard, Al Crise, who shared techniques and magical tips for casting and fishing. He even gave us a great tip on how to economically put studs on our wading boots (to keep from slipping on that old dirt and rocks).

Al’s entertainment and education at the Mullet Mixer left all of us with food for thought and tips for our Saturday fishing. Jan Schonefeld was lucky winner on the “Fly Give-Away,” winning $55 and 43 flies! That should fill her fly box and put a grin on her face!

Many attended Al’s Saturday morning classes and learned some finesse for their fishing “wands” amidst the flourishing yellow wildflowers. We all got in a full day of fishing, and then we shared each other’s company at an outdoor meal of grilled steaks and chicken cooked by our volunteer grill masters, Kelley Kazura and Mike Noret. I believe we were as enthusiastic about dining and visiting as we had been about fishing that day!

TWFFers apparently are not too shabby at doing anything! Many members even took the opportunity to go out fishing again on Saturday evening before our ice cream sundae dessert.

We were able to get in a full weekend of education and “catching” at Glen Rose, Texas and many of us look forward to a return trip to the “dino waters.” TWFF expressly thanks Al Crise, our honorary member, for making our weekend so memorable and enjoyable! Ol’ Al is a true wizard in sparking enthusiasm and love for fly fishing in all!



Did we have fun? Why sure we did! Check out the feedback below from some of our members describing their Glen Rose adventures:

“Because I registered at the last minute and stayed in town, I was on the Paluxy real early Saturday morning, at the first crossing. After catching a few of those gorgeous little sunfish, I decided to put on a larger popper and try for bass. A black and red popper with legs drew my first fast strike – and I pulled in a 10-12 inch spotted bass. I landed another about the same size on a minnow imitation before the fish in that hole were spooked. Beautiful small bass, and the highlight of my day!

”This was an extra special outing—beautiful setting, unique B&B for the headquarters, good fishing, useful casting tips, grilled steaks – and a personal fav, the little dinosaurs in our goody bags!”   ~ Diana Kunde

“I would definitely recommend going back to this location. It was fantastic. The cabins were clean and cozy and conveniently located to each other. Fishing on the Paluxy River was great, and there were many different fishing holes on the river. I caught my first fish on this trip!!”   ~ Debbie Price

 glenrose bbq


“Glen Rose was a great setting to relax, enjoy each other’s company and fish beautiful water. Since I was not familiar with the area before now, I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the whole area was. The Paluxy River provided lots of nice fish but they were also marked in pretty patterns. The accommodations were a peaceful setting with a chance for the city folk to form relationships with farm animals. I personally miss the blue eyed goat.

“Al is an easy to understand teacher and seems to enjoy us which makes his lessons a great experience.

“My last comment is, when can we go back? I didn’t get it all fished and need another trip there to get more fishing in and give the Brazos a go and see what is there.”   ~ Leslie DeHay



“The experience, from the viewpoint of a beginning fly fisher, was simply awesome. From the time I arrived on Friday night until I forced myself out of the river and into the car on Sunday, I learned more and enjoyed myself more than I had anticipated.

“The camaraderie of the women, the expertise of Al, all combined to make a truly memorable weekend. Added to that I had the unforgettable experience of catching my first fish on a fly.“I can’t wait for the next outing!”  ~ Gina Gilmore



“Staying at Country Woods Inn in Glen Rose was a special treat for a city girl like me. It was relaxing and fun and a wonderful place to fish. I enjoyed it very much.”  ~ Carolyn Vierheller

“It was great for all of us to be able to stay on the same grounds and fish several scenic spots on the Paluxy without driving too far. I really enjoyed meeting more of the members and Saturday night’s supper was fantastic! Thanks to all who were responsible for making it such a wonderful, relaxing weekend.”   ~  Karla Grimwood



“Just a line to let you know how much I enjoyed the Glen Rose trip. The Country Woods Inn was much more than I expected. Al was an outstanding instructor. The members were all so warm and welcoming that is was easy to join in. Kudos to everyone that put our dinner together Saturday night and planned the trip. Most importantly I got to fish. The river fishing was fun. I didn’t catch any fish, but when I hooked myself I wasn’t hurt. LOL

“Thanks to everyone that took time out of their trip to guide me in the fly fishing techniques.”   ~ Angie O’Neal

“The Country Woods Inn, the cook-out, Al Crise’s class, the fishing…all were tops!…and a benchmark in planning and execution.”   ~  Mary Kain

 Roz and bass


“What a great outing at Glen Rose! It sure seemed as though folks had a really good time. That is a great location! To be able to have everyone pretty much on site and fishing in walking distance was wonderful. For anyone who ever thought of us as stuffy, well, they just need to sit around a campfire a bit! Of course Al is fabulous; an invaluable asset to any fishing gathering.  I am sure dinner Saturday was a Herculean effort but really, really good.  It was nice not to have all the chaos of waiters and orders and trying to fit all of us into a usually too small place. Dinner was every bit as nice as CAVU in its own way, but a lot more work I am sure. Kudos to the coordinators on this one.”  ~  Susan Dymond

“Country Woods Inn is an ideal setting for our group. All of the houses are so quaint. Everyone could be together in the same place.  The fishing was fine and easy wading. Lots of “catching” going on. The meal on the patio under the stars and lights was so relaxing,(for all of us) but not the ones doing the preparing and cooking, they worked extra hours  One of the easiest trips for me because I only had to drive 60 miles. Yea!!!”   ~ Betty Burleson



“My first outing couldn’t have been better! Glen Rose was charming. I was welcomed by many friendly fly fishers, and learned amazing tips from the down-to-earth Al (thanks TWFF for inviting him!). As I was learning better casting techniques, I was struck by the gracefulness of the sport. Since the outing, I caught my fist little bass on the Guadalupe! (Special thanks to Susan Dymond, my roommate and new fishin’ buddy!)”   ~  Cindy Organ

Fisherman’s Prayer

Submitted by Cindy Organ

God grant that I may live to fish, until my dying day,

And when it comes to my last cast, I then most humbly pray,

When in the Lord’s safe landing net, I’m peacefully asleep,

That in His mercy I be judged,

As big enough to keep.

Author Unknown


A special thanks and big hugs for all the coordinators
who worked on this outing:
Mary K. Janco, Jan Bates,
Carolyn Hill, and Frances Estes!


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