July 26, 2013

By Keira Quam and Mary Aigner

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TWFF members from all over the state joined us for the late July weekend to swap fish tales, tie flies, improve casting skills, learn about educating new anglers, and of course, fish! Several people camped at the Boy Scout Camp and others stayed in nearby Salado.

“Saturday was spent at the Boy Scout Camp with a variety of activities for everyone…”

We started the weekend with a Mullet Mixer with 30 in attendance at St. Francis Church in Temple, TX. About 30 people attended and enjoyed good food. We played a Fish Trivia game using Goldfish crackers as counters … in case people were still hungry after dinner. The big winners of amazing prizes were Chris Johnson and Jan Bates.

Jan’s nice catch

Saturday was spent at the Boy Scout Camp with a variety of choices for everyone. Several people shared their fly tying skills including Diane Blair, Richard Blair, Chris Johnson, Matt Bennett, Joyce Davis, Don Carlson, Greg Setter, Sheila Anderson, and Les Jackson.

Individual casting lessons were provided by Diane Blair, Chris Johnson, Jim Bass, Mary Rohrer, Sheila Anderson, and Francis Estes, and Roz Orr gave some good advice as well.

Many spent the morning hours at the lake and a few were out in kayaks trying to outdo the ones on shore. Approximately 45-50 people attended on Saturday.

Boy Scout camp

For dinner, 39 of us went to Inn on the Creek in Salado for a delicious dinner and more fellowship. We ate, drank, and made merry! A short business meeting was held and all the volunteer instructors of fly tying and casting were thanked by all.

Dinner at Inn on the Creek

Sunday morning was spent back at the Scout Camp with 12 attending an Angler Education Course taught by Keira Quam. This is a Texas Parks & Wildlife Course and all 12 are now certified to go teach others how to fish … the basics at least.

Hopefully, we’ll teach how to catch as well!