By Lavene Jones

 Click here for a printable checklist!

Dressing to head out for a successful day of fly fishing can be a rather daunting task! There are lots of items, and the order they’re put on matters!

Here are my suggestions for dressing for a successful day on the water. Put the following items on in the described order:

1. Sunscreen and insect repellent—The sun can get through even UPF fabric to some extent.

2. Short-sleeved shirt, tank top, or swim suit top—I layer up; I can always shed a layer if necessary.

3. Fishing shirt or other button-down, long-sleeved shirt

4. Fishing pants or shorts made of quick-drying material

5. Socks or wading socks

6. Waders (unless it’s pretty warm)7. Fly-fishing vest or lanyard with:

  • Whistle for emergencies,
  • Extra leaders and tippet,
  • Extra spool for reel or extra reel if you pack sinking line (or sinking tip),
  • Clippers,
  • Forceps,
  • Box of flies,
  • Floatant if fishing dry flies, Indicators, and splitshot

8. A water bottle!

9.Wading belt if you’re wearing waders

10. Wading boots

11. Landing net attached to the loop on the back of your vest with a leash or tether so you won’t lose it

12. Wading staff with a leash or tether attached to your wading belt

13. Polarized sunglasses

14. Wide-brimmed hat or a fishing cap with dark under brim to cut down on glare

15. Extra sunscreen—stashed in a pocket

16. Pocket knife—If you get caught up in line or anchor line (or whatever), you’ll be glad you have it!

17. Sunshade gloves if you have them

18. Shoes to change into after fishing and a bag or box to put wet wading boots/waders into at end of day—They can really make a mess in your car.

19. A BIG smile because you are going fly fishing!