Q: How do I join and how much will it cost?

A: Select our print-friendly membership form for membership. Individual memberships are $25, and family memberships are $30. We also encourage enrollment membership in the Federation of Fly Fishers™ (FFF). Their fees are $35 for individual membership and $45 for family membership. When you join TWFF, you can join FFF at the same time.

To join TWFF, go to our Membership Page and complete the online form or download this form and mail it, with your check, to:

Texas Women Fly Fishers
ATTN: Julie Sieh

426 Eagle Landing
Belton, TX 76513

Q: Who is eligible for membership?

A: Membership in Texas Women Fly Fishers is open to women, men, and children. Our members range from young to ‘highly experienced in life’. Spouses and significant others are encouraged to join.

Q: When are the meetings?

A: We are a virtual fly fishing club, and we are linked together through our web site, subscription newsletter, and “Members Only” message board. We have group outings every two months and conduct a short business meeting at one of our evening dinners during the outings.

Q: Do I have to attend all the outings?

A: No. Our six outings each year cover the waters of the state of Texas. You may elect to attend all of the outings, but attendance is not required. All you miss by not attending is fishing, fun, and friends. Being a state of great diversity, we fish the warm waters, cold waters, and salt waters of our fabulous state.

Q: How large is the club?

A: Our club has ranged from a handful of women to about 150 members. Approximately 30 to 50 members and friends attend most of our outings.

Q: Can I bring friends to the outings with me?

A: Yes, we encourage your friends to come to outings with you. It is a good way for them to experience fly fishing and meet new friends, and it’s a great way for us to recruit new members!

Q: I would like to join but I don’t have any fly fishing gear and I don’t know how to fish. Can I still join?

A: Please feel free to join our club as we have loaner fly rods and gear. Most members are willing to share waders and boots for your initial experience in fly fishing. Novice anglers are paired with our more experienced anglers for an introduction to casting and fishing. Many women have caught fish on their first outing with us! We also try and have one or two educational outings per year to help with casting, knot tying, playing and landing fish, entomology, reading the water, and various other advanced subjects.

Q: I don’t like to camp. Is that a problem in going to the outings?

A: No. We try to select outing locations that meet all of our variable needs. Most of our outing locations include areas suitable for camping AND hotel/motel lodging. Outing locations often provide areas for bank fishing, wade fishing, and kayak fishing. Our Outing Committee scrutinizes various fishing locations to find sites that are amenable to all of us and our varied skill levels.

Q: Do I need a license to fish at the outings?

A: Yes, most of the time you will need a Texas fishing license, which can be purchased at most sporting goods or discount stores across Texas. You may also purchase a fishing license online at

Q: How can I volunteer to help the club?

A: Texas Women Fly Fishers is dedicated to supporting Casting for Recovery® and conservation of the waters we fish. We solicit donations and hand-tied flies throughout the year to fund these efforts. We also hold raffles, silent auctions, and a variety of fundraising activities to support our club. We are always in need of volunteers for outreach programs and fundraising. You can volunteer for any of our club activities by e-mailing or

  Q: How do I make a donation to Texas Women Fly Fishers?

A: TWFF solicits donations for Casting for Recovery and for club activities. Monetary donations, donations of fly fishing accoutrements, and donations of used equipment for beginners are always welcome. You can contact to make donations. We furnish tax-deductible receipts for donations, and we will acknowledge your generosity on our Friends of TWFF Web page.

Q: When is the next outing?

A: Check the Outing schedule on our Outings page and mark your calendar for upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you!

Q: Can I copy the information and/or images I see on this Web site?

A: The images and information appearing on this Web site are copyrighted. They have been provided by club members and friends of TWFF and are the property of their posters. All trademarks and service marks you see on this Web site are the property of their respective owners.

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