November 9, 2001 – via Iframely

By Constance Whiston

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Picture a bronze, gold, and rust carpet of autumn leaves, coots softly calling along the edge of a lily pad covered lake, Texas White Oak logs burning red in the campfire, your buddies gathered round, smiling, telling fish stories and munching on the most delectable cuisine imaginable. This is not a romanticized concept of our last outing for 2001——it is a very right on the target description. Our closing was one of the most enjoyable of the year. Members of Texas Women Fly Fishers,

Fort Worth Fly Fishers, Dallas Fly Fishers, Austin Fly Fishers, Montgomery County Fly Rodders, and a few from Texas Fly Fishers and Piney Woods Fly Fishers joined together November 9, 10, and 11 at Fairfield Lake State Park to fly fish for bass, tilapia, red fish, and sunfish. The Texas Dutch Oven Society worked most of the day preparing our evening banquet. Brother if you were there, I hope you had a chance to try “Butch’s Bananas”—WOW! The stews, the chicken, the cobblers, and the breads—Oh my God, I thought I’d died and gone to food heaven!

Even though the fishing was a bit slow, we all enjoyed the two casting classes and camaraderie of fellow and sister fly fishers. It was a peaceful, wintry close to a very successful first year for TWFF.



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