Dana Williams – President

Dana Williams TWFF President

Adrienne Barnett – First Vice President (Fundraising)

Adrienne Barnett TWFF

Message from Adrienne: “I’m a born and raised Texan who moved back home recently after living in the Pacific Northwest for 5 years.  My love of breakfast tacos and family, along with a desire to catch a redfish on a fly rod brought me back to Texas. I started fly fishing over ten years ago and now I’m a regular fish bum. I’m excited to be a new board member for TWIFF! On the weekends, it’s safe to bet I’ve gone fishing.”

Julie Sieh – Second Vice President (Membership)

Message from Julie: “Hi, I am Julie Sieh.  I wanted to be outdoors more and joined outings with the Becoming An Outdoor Woman (BOW) program through Texas Parks and Wildlife.  I became very interested in fly fishing, fly tying and kayaking through their programs. About that time, Texas Women Fly fishers became an off shoot from it. I joined the TWFF group to find out more about fishing and where to fish in Texas. Since then I have been in and out of being an active member with commitments to family and my business. There is nothing better than standing in or kayaking on a stream or river and enjoying nature.  The challenge of the cast and understanding the fish in its habitat make fishing ever changing.  Also, having likeminded women to explore new areas to fish and share in the excitement is a huge plus.

I am married to a spin-caster Brent who you may see at some of the outings.  We have two married sons, wonderful daughter in laws and baby granddaughter.   I have an orthodontic practice located in Temple.  We live on Lake Belton.”

Britta Hebert – Treasurer

Message from Britta: “I started fly fishing in 2010 when my sister and I went to a fly fishing class in California – I loved it the minute I tried it!  When I got back home to San Antonio, I immediately started searching the internet for a fly fishing group in Texas and found the Texas Women Fly Fishers (TWFF).  I’ve been a member since the fall of 2010 when my husband and I went to Junction for an outing on the Llano River.  I was paired up with an experienced fly fisher, and I caught about 5 fish that first outing – wow!  It was such a blast, and I’ve enjoyed fly fishing ever since (even if I don’t catch anything)!  I find being out in nature and casting the fly line to be so meditative and tranquil.  It’s my ultimate-nature-relaxation way to get away from work.   I love getting together with this group because everyone is so friendly, caring and helpful to get people started in fly fishing and improve their techniques.  We always have so much fun together!   A couple of years ago I purchased a kayak, so I’m learning how to fish while kayaking – it’s great because you can fish more areas on the river plus enjoy some secluded and peaceful areas as you float along!

This picture is of a bass I caught on a “frog” fly at a stock pond near Weatherford, TX while visiting my niece and her family.  Those fish in that pond were so hungry, I think I caught almost twenty that afternoon – it was exhilarating to say the least!  I live in San Antonio with my husband Greg and our four cats.  I’ve had breast cancer twice, and TWFF introduced me to Casting For Recovery (CFR).  I was a CFR participant in 2015 and just started participating on the CFR staff in the fall of 2017.  I work as a project manager full-time, so I’m always ready to get out on the water and have some fun!  Fly fishing is one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life from a social and recreational standpoint – I always meet fantastic people who are a joy to be around.  I’ve made wonderful friends through fly fishing.”

Paula Fink – Secretary

Paula Fink TWFF

I took up fly fishing in 2016, although I have fished since I was a child. My husband, Doug and I live in Bryan, Texas and have both recently retired. I joined Texas Women Fly Fishers after visiting their booth in Athens in 2017. We fish locally at friends’ tanks and ponds. We also get to fish in Kenai, Alaska and Springfield, Oregon each summer when visiting family. This photo was taken at our 2019 Guadalupe River outing. This beast took almost 10 minutes to land. What an honor it was to land this beauty and then re-lease him to fight another day!

I am learning so much at the TWFF outings and look forward to many years with the group. What an amazing and talented group of women!

Debbie Williams – Trustee

Message from Debbie: “Born and raised in Staten Island , New York for my first 28 years. Presently live in Santo, Texas with my husband Wesley. We own Wes Tex Steel and Wes Tex hunting Supply. Graduated Tarlelton University with my RN degree and still work as a Emergency room nurse.

TWFF member for over 10 years. Started fly fishing after attending a Becoming outdoor woman outing. I am truly passionate about fishing , hunting, camping and teaching my grandchildren to love the outdoors. Being a TWFF member is so much more then fishing. The women  (and men) that I have met along the way have been a treasure.”


Cathy Case – Trustee

Message from Cathy: “Just love to fish, love to Dutch Oven Cook,  and love to travel to places to fish.  I have been an outdoors woman for over 40 years.  Fly fishing became a passion along with fly tying years ago.  I retired and moved to Texas in 2014 near Ray Roberts lake.  I have a great fishing boat and a kayak and enjoy sharing with anyone who wants to get out on the water. 

The first club I joined here was the Red River Fly Fishers, and through them I found TWFF and Dallas Fly Fishers.  I believe in the power of volunteering and giving my knowledge and help to others.  There are so many of us that want to get out and enjoy the outdoors with other like-minded women.  I see TWFF as a great fit for me.”


Christine Murrell – Trustee

Christine Murrell TWFF Trustee

Message from Christine: “Hi,  I’m Christine Murrell a born and raised Texan and I work as a dental hygienist. I am the wife and mother to nonanglers so finding TWFF has been a true blessing. I had been living in Austin for 10 years before I knew people who went fly fishing in Texas. I’m thankful that my husband supports my fly fishing addiction and has been very encouraging. I started fly fishing in the summer of 2017 and joined TWFF the same year. Anyone that speaks with me for more than 5 minutes gets an earful of how much I love to fish. This sport has meant so much to me. I count the days until the next time I can get on the river. I typically 1-2 times a week. I have so much to learn and I am happy to have found a wonderful group of women and men to learn from.”

Alex Huffman – Trustee

Alex Huffman TWFF Trustee

Message from Alex: “My grandfather tried to teach me to fly fish fifteen years ago, and being the methodical teacher he was, we didn’t get much farther than the front yard practicing casting at 10 and 2. I was getting into my career as a mental health professional, and he was getting older. Time just got away from us, and although he is no longer here to teach me, I held onto the starter rod and reel kit and PVC rod holder he made hoping I’d pick it back up at some point! That started to happen when I began volunteering with Casting for Recovery as a wellness coordinator. I learned about casting, flies, reading the water, and most importantly, the connection between the outdoors and mental and emotional wellness. About a year ago, I really wanted to give myself time on the water to develop my skills and just catch fish. I’ve been pretty hooked since then and fish around Dallas as much as I can! I’ve found so many great teachers at TWFF outings, meet new friends, and look forward to learning more and meeting more anglers. “

Lori McElroy  – Newsletter

Amy Setter – E-Line Message Moderator


Lindsey Reyes – Webmaster


Open – FFI Texas Council Representative


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Thank-you ladies for your vision and your generosity. We would not be what we are today if it weren’t for your efforts, your faith, and your passion for the sport of fly fishing. We are grateful for all you have done for TWFF.

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