December 15, 2016

Event Start Date:
October 13, 2017
Event End Date:
October 15, 2017
Event Venue:
Sargent, Texas

When: Friday October 13 – Sunday October 15

Fishing Water: Gulf of Mexico

Where: Sargent, Texas East Matagorda Bay & Caney Creek

Fishing for: Speckled Trout, Redfish, & Flounder to name a few. Other species may be caught including Sheepshead, Black Drum, Sand Trout, Croaker, & Lady Fish

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Outing Coordinator: Kate Allen and Peggy Carl

Techniques to prepare for: Casting – Remember we’re on the coast so you’ll want to be able to cast in the wind, and you’ll want to be able to cast some distance; 50–75 ft will improve your chances of catching. For me, that means I have to double haul. It also helps to have your back cast be as good as your forward cast. Often your position on the pier, wading, or kayaking, may require you to back cast to the fish. Sargent waters, including Caney Creek, East Matagorda Bay, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the Gulf surf tend to be “off color.” Often in the Fall, the waters are not quite so “off color” depending on the wind patterns and the amount of rain we receive. However, blind casting is more typical than not. You’ll certainly see evidence of fish by way of birds working, water disturbances, and bait working, but a clear view of the fish before you hook it is truly a special and memorable experience!

Don’t forget to master the Perfection Loop or other type of loop knot and use it to tie your flies on!