November 5, 2010 – via Iframely

By Vicki Andrews

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How many bass could a bass catcher catch,
if a bass catcher, could catch bass?

As many bass as a bass catcher could,
if a bass catcher could catch bass.

TWFF is on a roll! These outings just keep getting better and better!

Camp Honey Creek, Hunt, TX (little-known bass fishery) of the Hill Country, was the venue of our last outing of the year. And what a way to go out! Outing coordinator, Vicki Andrews, welcomed TWFF to her part of the fishing world on the upper Guadalupe River. In addition to the quiet waters of the Guadalupe, running through the camp property was its namesake, Honey Creek, which was loaded with large mouth bass and some super-sized sunfish. The campgrounds were perfect for our outing with numerous cabins, beautiful grounds and a huge dining hall for our meals and speakers. Honey Creek was easily accessible for bank fishing and we were able to offer some informal casting lessons.

Friday night Mullet Mixer speaker was Bill Emshoff of the Hill Country Fly Fishers.  Vicki had provided maps of the area and Bill elaborated on access areas and which flies bring success on the Guadalupe. Bill also treated our group to some of his hand tied flies, which started some grabbing wars as they were passed from table to table.

Saturday night our guest speaker, Mark Cole, and his family joined us for dinner. Mark’s presentation was on physical and mechanical therapy for fly fishers. He showed us what muscle groups we use when fishing, how we might injure or strain them, and what precautions to take for prevention of injury as well as overall steps for strengthening of our fishing bodies. Mark was extremely thorough and left the group with a better understanding of the need for physical fitness even for fly fishing.

New member, Tracy Doty showed up with a cool watch that displayed the optimum fishing times during the day. She was a hit with this watch and led a group of 6 of us fishing Friday night at 1:30 a.m. when her watch indicated perfect fishing conditions. Sure enough, we caught about 4 large bass in 30 minutes or less. More members fished Saturday night and caught bass and crappie. Night fishing was a new experience for most of us. It taught us to wait and actually feel the rod load on the back cast before starting the front cast. Night fly fishing is a truly unique experience that also applies to fishing for lunkers or huge brown trout that feed primarily at night.

Visit our TWFF Photo Gallery to see some of the great shots of fish caught, and of course, dear friends relaxing and enjoying themselves.

Attendees for the outing included Jan Bates, Lisa Bellar, Annette Blythe, Joyce Davis, Leslie DeHay, Frances Estes, Britta and Greg Hebert, Lavene Jones, Mary Kain, Linda Love, Cindy Organ, Rozlynn Orr, Debbie Price, Mary Rohrer, Sheila and Greg Setter, Cindi and Will Sudds, and Janice Togal. We also were joined by new members Pat and Don Carlson, Tracy Doty, Lori McElroy and Eric Merrill, Kay Robbins, Kiera Quam, and Barbara and Neil West.

Thank-you Cabela’s for the fishing caps and visors and a big thank-you Vicki…and thank-you Camp Honey Creek!

I think we’d all like to make another trip to this great place.


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