November 2, 2012 – via Iframely

By Vicki Andrews

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Is there a nicer little place nestled in the rolling Texas hills, cloaked by blue skies than Camp Honey Creek in Hunt, TX?…probably not. The weather was great, as was the company! The fishing, not as good as our last trip there in 2010, but several nice bass and sunfish were caught, oh…and 1 crappie caught by Frances! – via Iframely

Honey Creek
“Several new members came to be part of our wonderful group and everyone enjoyed the surroundings of Camp Honey Creek…”

Several new members came to be part of our wonderful group and everyone enjoyed the surroundings of Camp Honey Creek. Our new members enjoyed some one-on-one casting lessons and were rewarded by catching their first fish on the fly.

Mark Cole, physical therapist and member of the Fredericksburg Fly club was our speaker Saturday night. Mark’s gentle yet reinforcing demeanor in explaining how proper posture and exercise are essential to everything in our lives hit home for most of us. He not only had simple exercises but he also let us in on some everyday, inexpensive items to use for exercise equipment. Remember to stand up tall and shake that partially full water bottle to build up your casting arm. – via Iframely

Vicki’s bass

We had a wonderful silent auction put together by our very own talented Cindy Organ, that was quite a success! We raised lots of money for TWFF, CFR and for our conservation project. Lots of us went home with big smiles from the cool merchandise that we won.

A big thank you to all that turned out for this outing, the members are what makes this such a great group and the outings so much fun! Coordinators Vicki Andrews and Cindy Organ made sure everyone had a great time. There was another try at night fishing too. Those attending included: Mary Aigner, Kate Allen, Sheila Anderson, Vicki Andrews, Jessica Archer, Jan Bates, Annette Blythe, Pat and Don Carlson, Joyce Davis, Leslie DeHay, Frances Estes, Susan Gaetz and family, Carrie Helmcamp, Stormi Johnson, Mary Kain, Nancy Lappin, Judy Lunn, Sharon Leissner, Linda Love, Cindy Organ, Rozlynn Orr, Debbie Price, Kerri and Jim Stephenson with guests Jill, Ken, Jenna and Brook Gura, Janice Togal, Debbie Williams, and Marilyn Young. – via Iframely