May 14, 2004 – via Iframely

By Sheila Anderson

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I arrived at Lost Canyon on Friday around 9:15p.m. on Friday, and the mullet mixer was in full swing. Betty and Linda were on their way out to rejoin their husbands at the RV park, but Chama cabin was full of TWFF members looking forward to a weekend of fishing. As we always do at the mullet mixers, we discussed what fly to use, what worked best in the past, what the river conditions were like, who’s floating, who’s wading, where to put in, and what time to meet, among other topics of conservation. There was a feast on the table and everyone seemed happy once again to see each other and looked forward to the up coming event.

Registration for the tournament started at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday. We all had decided to meet for a group photo at 7:30 a.m. near the registration spot. As we stood for the photo, a newspaper team of journalist and photographer got in the action. A photo was taken for the Camp Wood newspaper (I think), and the journalist interviewed us. As it turns out, the journalist worked for years with Sarah Valentine’s father in Uvalde! What a small world. After registration and photos, we loaded up and went our separate ways only to see each other later at dinner.

The Nueces River is the most beautiful river I have fished on in Texas. Its waters are so very clear and clean. The sound of the river running over shallow rocky patches sooths the soul, and the beauty of the area brings relief to body and mind. At our spot, the five of us all were catching fish. My copper popper with sparkles was very popular with the perch. They eventually pecked off the eyes, and all the sparkles. The body of the popper was the last to go, leaving just a hook and tail. Next year I’ll bring two or three of them.

Later at dinner, we learned the floaters had a very good trip. They recommended we all try it next year. The trip was about four hours long, and everyone caught fish – up to 30 or more. Once we were finished eating, the awards were presented. Most fish, largest bass and perch awards were all won by non-TWFF members. We did do very well with the door prizes, however, with the grand prize of a $100 gift certificate to Academy going to Angela Mendoza. Way to go Angela! Have a great time shopping. On Sunday morning we had our meeting. We talked about the next outing at the Homer Martin Ranch, the silent auction that will be held there, as well as the Medina outing and the Port Aransas outing. The website should be updated with more details shortly.

It was a great weekend for fishing. The weather couldn’t have been better, and the camaraderie was at its best!



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