May 16, 2003 – via Iframely

By Mary Rohrer

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The Alamo Fly Fishers Club hosted the annual Bud Priddy One Fly Tournament in Camp Wood along the beautiful and clear Nueces River. The weekend’s weather was hot, hot, hot, even in the shade (100 degrees plus!). The best way to stay cool and comfortable was wading in the river. Finding a deep shady pool in the river was key. By noon, fishing had slowed considerably. At day’s end, we had an enjoyable meal at Casa Falcone with all the participants and exchanged stories and fish tales. After dinner, Alamo Fly Fishers announced the results of the event.

Our club did great in the tournament! Two of our members, Annette Blythe and Betty Burleson, won the honors of the largest bass and largest perch! Betty caught a 9-inch bluegill wading in the Nueces by the campground using a Cypert minnow. Annette was wading upstream of the County Rd 408 crossing, using a wooly bugger she tied, and caught a 16-in large mouth bass along the cut bank. The third honor was given to an AFF member, John Marfin, who caught an amazing 160 fish during the day. (Gals, that is 1 fish every 3 minutes in 8 hours of fishing!

After dinner, we returned to the Lost Canyon Retreat, relaxed on the front porch of the Chama cabin (thanks to the hostesses!), and had a great fly raffle. Jim Stephenson and Martin Pursch donated beautiful flies for us to raffle. We had quite a variety and were able to restock our fly boxes after the challenging weekend

Many thanks to the Alamo Fly Fishers for coordinating this fun event. Congratulations to Betty and Annette on their fishing prowess. And, again, thank you Martin and Jim for the flies used in the raffle. An overall good weekend for all participants.


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