November 3, 2005 – via Iframely

By Linda Love

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Beaver’s Bend State Park was a blaze of color as six women from the Texas Women Fly Fishers club arrived Thursday November 3 to begin the last official outing of 2005. We successfully fished Spillway Creek for several hours Thursday, visited the local fly shops and picked the brains of the local fishers, then checked out the best places to eat. All of us were awestruck by the beauty of this place. The trees were every beautiful color imaginable and the weather was perfect! We were joined by 12 more fly fishers Friday at the Whip Poor Will Resort where we had our head quarters and the Mullet Mixer Friday evening. Rob Woodruff, fly fishing guide and educator, joined us for the Mullet Mixer and presented a slide show of the Spillway Creek (Zone I) and Zone II where we would be fishing Saturday. During the slide show Rob explained that we would be using various techniques for catching trout depending on the type of water we were fishing. He explained the difference in Zone I, which is fast water and Zone II which is slower water, and the size limits and other state restrictions about barb less hooks, etc. Seeing the actual area we would be fishing brought a lot of excitement to the group! Questions were asked and answered. Rob taught us how to tie some knots and helped us rig our line for fishing Zone I and he instructed us how to fish fast water. We brought out our fly boxes and he helped us select the flies most apt to be taken by trout in this area. Then he instructed us how to rig our line and what flies to use in Zone II, which is slower water, where we would fish Saturday afternoon.

We met at Three Rivers Fly shop at 7 a.m. Saturday morning and we picked up the flies or supplies we needed and headed out for the water. Rob placed us in strategic places where he knew the trout would be holding. The trout were very cooperative and big! Sheila caught her first ever trout and it was a whopping 15+ inches! Betty snagged one that got away that Rob estimated to be about 5#’s! Will and Cindy’s son caught a lunker! It was 18+ inches long and so big around you could not put your fingers together around the girth. A lot of trout were caught but only a few were landed. Some lines were broken off and some hooks were straightened. We learned more about how to land a fish successfully. Rob was working up and down the creek giving instructions to individuals all morning long. He is an excellent teacher and guide. Everyone felt like they learned a lot about fishing fast waters. We fished here until noon then we met at the restaurant in the park to eat lunch.

After lunch we went below the park dam to Zone II where the fish were really big! Rob was there to rig our lines up properly with the right fly and taught us how to work the fly for the best results. Sheila hit the jack pot again, catching 2 large trout. Betty, Kathy, Linda and Karen caught trout here but Karen caught the largest one, being 19+ inches. We had one brand new member, Carolyn, and 2 relatively new fly fishers that Rob spent ample time teaching how to cast and retrieve the fly. The big trout swimming around our feet reminded me of the San Juan River at Navajo Dam. It was exciting just seeing them on the bottom as well as rolling over feeding on top late in the afternoon. We successfully fished this area until about 3:30 p.m.

Saturday evening found us at Abendigo’s restaurant where we enjoyed telling our fish stories and reminiscing about many of the things we learned. After dinner we had a drawing for an Orvis fly fishing vest and several door prizes. The winner of the vest was Annette Blythe. Door prizes consisted of neck/body buddies (made by Allison Love), slipper socks and a vest fly holder. Winners were Will, Cindy, Jane and Linda.

Many thanks to the Houston Orvis store for donating a very nice vest for which we sold raffle tickets to benefit Casting for Recovery®. Due to the generosity of our members we raised $126.00. Way to go ORVIS! You are one of our Super Heros!

We were glad to have Annette join our group again and fish with us. Will and Cindy brought Cindy’s mom and their 2 boys. Tiffany joined us Saturday and it was good to see her. We all feel very fortunate to have had such good instruction for this area and we agreed this was the most educational outing we have had in a very long time. You may think it is a long way to drive, but ask Sheila if it is worth it. Meanwhile, have fun, outdoors. See you at the Summit.



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