November 2, 2007 – via Iframely

By Sheila Anderson

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The fall colors were muted, not as vibrant as in past years, but that did not seem to affect the fishing on the Lower Mountain Fork River. Our outing began Friday evening at Whip-poor-will Cabins with a Mullet Mixer featuring a presentation by Jesse King, local guide, fly shop proprietor, and member of the Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation. Jesse shared a ton of information with us including recent work that’s been done to improve the fishery, where to catch fish on the river, and how to rig our lines.

Jesse shared with us what had been working for him earlier in the day when he guided Jim and Kerri Stephenson in the Lost Creek area. He recommended the size of leader and tippet, and suggested we use an egg pattern as an attractor with a dropper tied onto it. Often times, he explained, folks fish the same fly for too long. If you don’t get some action after three good drifts, change the fly. So we learned to tie the 16-20 knot, it is not complicated, but it can be challenging because the tiny nymphs are difficult to see and handle.

Saturday morning most women met at Three Rivers Fly Shop to figure out who was going where to fish. Lost Creek turned out to be the honey hole. We had several women relatively new to the sport willing to give it a try. A couple lessons on rigging and the drift cast had most of them catching fish.

There are not many things better than helping someone catch their first fish on a fly rod. At this outing, we experienced the full extent of trout fishing – from rigging, drift casting, watching the strike indicator and setting the hook, to playing and landing the fish. We learned a new acronym, LDR (Long Distance Release). This happens when the fish gets its own self off and never sees the net or the camera.

A trip to Zone II in the early afternoon by some did not produce very good results, so after striking out there we went back to Lost Creek. Once again, we were back to catching trout. Cindy Sudds had very good results in Evening Hole catching over 20 fish there. Linda Love caught quite a few fish at Lost Creek, while Janice Togal and B.F. Summers each caught fish on their first trout outing in Lost Creek, as well. I was thrilled to catch a trout on a home tied lead wing coachman, a classic wet fly of the Northeastern U.S.

At the end of a very good day of fishing-the weather was gorgeous-we cleaned up and met for dinner at Steven’s Gap. I don’t think we could have fit one more person in the back room, it was completely filled. Everyone introduced themselves, told where they were from and how their fishing day was. You’ll have to meet Marty Peters from Oklahoma-she had the best fishing story. Ask her when you see her. What a great group! What great fishing! I look forward to going again, maybe early 2008?!

Members present for the Broken Bow Outing included: Sheila and Robert Anderson, Jan Bates, Cindy Bentfield, Annette Blythe, Betty Burleson, Gilbert Caceres, Lisa Connaway, Leslie Davis, Susan and Michael Dymond, Frances Estes, Frances Hamm, Kathy Goodlett, Mary and Jack Janco,Lavene Jones, Mary Kain, Kelley Kazura, Linda Love, Glenna Noret, Rozlynn Orr, Marty Peters, Mary Rohrer, Kerri and Jim Stephenson, Cindi and Will Sudds, and Janice Togal.


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