November 3, 2003 – via Iframely

By Becky Hand

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We had eleven people join TWFF for a wonderful trout outing on the Lower Mountain Fork River. The weather was a bit cool; but with long johns and waders, we were all prepared. Some rain had come through the day before, but this actually helped us by making the water slightly murky (not too muddy) so the trout were not as aware of our presence. We spread out over a large area on the river and then started catching trout – there was even a debate over who caught the first fish because we all reeled in fish. However, Sherri Ray proved to be the winner since her digital camera accurately recorded the time. But her hubby, Ronnie Ray caught the only Brown Trout and it was a nice one. After the success of the morning, some decided to enjoy the Folk Festival being held in the park and Becky Hand bought a new 3 wt rod to have more fun playing the small rainbows. Becky didn’t stop till nightfall – had to catch a first fish with the new rod and break it in.

That evening we enjoyed dinner at Abendigos – a new restaurant close to the Whip-Poor-Will cabins. The wait was a little long – they were having a music festival and everyone had a long day like us and didn’t feel like cooking. The cabins were nice and would be great for family get aways with plenty of room and beds – as long as you reserve the larger cabins. Kathy Goodlet will tell you that the small – 2 person cabins – are ultra small – do not attempt cooking in these babies. And Pam Vestal will tell you that the lodge in Beaver’s Bend Park was very nice. Saturday night it rained again – but this did not hurt our fishing – and thank goodness it did not rain during the day. Some of us tried new areas to fish (without great success), so Becky and Julie Sieh ventured off to the honey holes (no sense wasting our last day not catching fish). We nearly got tired of catching fish (not really) and left the honey holes for the next lucky people. Julie learned some valuable techniques on fighting those feisty little rainbows.

With Julie catching her first trout on a fly rod and all of us enjoying many catches, the outing was a tremendous success. Hopefully, we can plan this trip again and convince everyone that Oklahoma is not that far away and the amount of trout caught was worth the long drive home on Sunday night (or Monday morning).


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