November 1, 2013 – via Iframely

By Karen Gebhart

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Well ladies, if you missed the Blanco Outing you do not know which member in TWFF can play the accordion, which member can tap dance, which member went to high school with Pee Wee Herman, and you missed a lot of good fun.
“The progressive dinner was a hoot!”

The Blanco Settlement is such a cute setting. The best part is that RV’s, cabins and tent sites were all within close proximity. And this allowed us to spend a lot of time together. In fact many of us just hung around the Settlement. There was such good down time we fished, caught and learned new skills.

The Progressive Dinner was a hoot. We ate too much and part of it was in the dark…no most of it was in the dark. Who planned this anyway? But thanks to Richard Blair and Brent Blumenthal (Julie Sieh’s husband) we had a great little campfire at Mary Kain’s campsite to eat our peach cobbler, pecan pie and ice cream. And those who could not make it…you were missed!

Thank you to everyone who pitched in and brought more than enough food.
Those in attendance were: (maybe you can guess the accordion player and tap dancer)