Texas Women Fly Fishers was founded in January 2001 with the inspiration of a handful of women determined to teach and promote fly fishing to other women. Over the years, they have taken an idea for a women’s fly fishing group and nurtured us into a great organization. Through their exemplary dedication and tireless efforts, our tremendous officers and members have accomplished much in advancing our sport as well as promoting conservation efforts and supporting the work of Casting for Recovery®. Our current membership now stands at over 100 new-to-experienced-level fly fishers: women, men, and children. We are enriched by our founders’ example as well as our passion for fly fishing, our outreach activities…and of course, the camaraderie and wonderful memories we make at our great outings


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TWFF is an affiliate club of the International Federation of Fly Fishers™ (IFFF), and we subscribe to the IFFF Code of Ethics.Please support us in taking care of our environment and resources and respecting other anglers.


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