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San Marcos, Texas
August 26–28, 2011

By Debbie Price and Rozlynn Orr

Check out more photos from this outing in our Photo Gallery!

Wow! Your outing coordinators could not have been more pleased with this outing. The mere fact that everyone caught fish despite the 110 degree temperatures was incredible. Our club should go down in the record books of Texas for pulling this off! We caught most every specie in the waters except for carp and a few rolling gar. The San Marcos River was not as aqua blue as usual due to all the limestone in the area but it was wet and cool as promised. Newest member Rickie Rieck pulled out a huge male, one pounder Rio Grande cichlid and almost landed a 5 pound largemouth with her guide Kevin. Some of our prouder moments included Frances Estes landing a 16+ inch largemouth bass, Joyce Davis and Greg Setter both hooking up small mouth bass, Cindi Sudds with a big ol’ catfish and the Carlson’s bringing in some good sized sunfish. Guadalupe bass were plentiful in the 12+ inch range and many members fished through the heat of the day landing fish. Lots of love goes out to all those smaller sunfish that also tugged our lines and made our hearts thump with happiness! This says a lot for our club and our fishing abilities….not to mention our tenacity and love of the sport of fly fishing.



As always, our Friday night Mullet Mixer was an array of wonderfully prepared foods with a little culinary treat for just about any taste buds around. Saturday we sampled the famous Lulling BBQ and everyone agreed they have some of the best sausage in the business.



We concluded our Saturday activities with our final silent auction of the year. Cindy Organ wasn’t able to stay for the auction but left off some great items and gear. We raised a pocketful of money for the club and a couple of our members fought it out for a terrific hand-stitched purse, made and donated by Pat Carlson, and for a lavender cap donated from Martin Pursch.



The auction was a huge success and we’re thankful for all the great donations we’ve received this year! A game of Apples to Apples followed the auction with laughter, cynicism, pleading, and humorous debates for the group playing. Greg Hebert was the decision maker of the group and has a hysterical sense of humor and logic that he used to entertain us all. In the end, Jan Bates left as the winner of the game.



We’re glad so many members braved the heat and came to the outing. The San Marcos River was very, very good to TWFF! Attendees included: Jan Bates, Lisa Bellar, Pat and Don Carlson, Joyce Davis, Leslie DeHay, Dawn Dorsett, Frances Estes, Debbie and Dan Fox, Britta and Greg Hebert, Mary Kain, new members Sharon and Lane Leissner, Lori McElroy and Eric Merrill, Rozlynn Orr, Debbie Price, Keira Quam, new member Rickie Rieck, Kay Robbins, Mary Rohrer, Sheila and Greg Setter, Kerri Stephenson, Cindi and Will Sudds, Benita Temple, Janice Togal, and Neil West.




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