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Past Outings

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Each of these trip reports will open in the same browser window and all are print-friendly. A few older reports are not available.

Check out photos from previous trips in our Photo Gallery!




January 9–11


Guadalupe River Outing



November 14–16


Broken Bow Outing

September 5–7


Saltwater Outing, Port Aransas, TX

July 25–27


Lady Bird Lake, Austin, TX

May 30-June 1


Tyler State Park, Tyler, TX

March 14–16


Llano River Outing, Kingsland, TX

January 17–19


Broken Bow Outing




November 1–3


October 11–13


July 26–28


June 7–9


April 5–7


Paluxy River Outing

January 16–20


Broken Bow Outing




November 2–4


September 21–23


July 20–22


Purtis Creek Outing

June 22–24


South Fork of the Llano River/Junction Outing

April 26–28


Colorado River Outing

February 17–19


Broken Bow Outing




November 11–13


"Chick Fish Tourney,"Johnson City. Texas

Sept. 30–Oct. 2


Port Aransas, Texas

August 26–28


Leisure Resort - San Marcos River, Fentress, Texas

June 3–5


Lady Bird Lake, Austin, Texas

April 29–May 1


Paluxy River, Glen Rose, Texas

March 19


Cabelas Fishing Classic

March 12


Fly Fish Texas

February 18–20


Broken Bow Outing





November 5–7


Honey Creekction, TX

September 24–26


Llano Rivernction, TX

August 20–22


Lake Texoma

June 11–13


April 23–25


Purtis Creek

March 13


Fly Fish Texas

February 19–21


Broken Bow Outing

January 1–3


Trout Fishing on the Guadalupe




October 2325


Saltwater Outing

June 1214


South Llano River, Junction

May 1517


Gulf Coast FFF Conclave 2009

April 2426


Glen Rose Outing



Fly Fish Texas

February 1315


Broken Bow Outing





December 57  

Lake Texoma

October 2426


Bandera/Medina River Fly Fishing

July 1719


South Llano River

May 30June 1


Purtis Creek on the Fly

May 1617  

Second Annual FFF Gulf Coast Expo 2008

April 46


Back 40 Fredericksburg Outing

January 1820


Guadalupe River Trout Outing







November 24


Broken Bow Outing



Pedernales River

July 2022


South Llano River

May 1820


Bud Priddy One-Fly Memorial Contest

May 1820


First Annual FFF Gulf Coast Expo 2007

January 1214


Guadalupe River Outing







September 1517


TWFF Saltwater Trip

July 2123


South Llano River Outing

May 1921


Bud Priddy Memorial One-Fly Contest

March 35


Fly Fish Texas

Jan. 1315


Guadalupe River





November 36


Beaver's Bend, Broken Bow, OK

September 1618


Galveston Saltwater Trip

July 2224


Homer Martin Ranch on the Llano River

May 1315


Bud Priddy Memorial One Fly Contest, TWFF Big Oak River Camp

April 13


Back 40, Fredericksburg

January 2830


TWFF Fly Tying and Casting Outing at Bastrop State Park







October 2224


September 1012


Medina River-Bandera, TX

July 911


Homer Martin Ranch—Mason, TX

May 1415


Bud Priddy—Lost Canyon, Camp Wood

March 13-14


Reimer's Ranch, Austin, TX

January 2325


Canyon Lake on the Guadalupe River







November 710


Beavers Bend, Broken Bow, OK

August 2224


Redfish Rodeo—Port O'Connor

July 1113


South Llano River, Junction TX

May 1618


Bud Priddy One-Fly Tournament, Nueces River (Lost Canyon, Camp Wood)

March 2123


Marble Falls

January 2426


Homer Martin Ranch







November 810


Fairfield Lake with all the Fly Fishing Clubs in TX

September 1315  

Llano RiverHomer Martin Resort (No recap available)

May 1719  

Nueces River—Bud Priddy One Fly Contest

March 810  

Tres Rios River Resort

January 2527  

Guadalupe River





November 911


Fairfield County Lake

September 2123


Port O'Connor Redfish Rodeo (No recap available)

August 1012


Houston County Lake—Crockett, TX

June 1517  

The Bud Priddy One-Fly Tournament, Lost Canyon Resort

April 2022  

Homer Martin Ranch, Llano River

January 2628  

Guadalupe River


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