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“Fly fishing takes you to spectacular places
and gives you a reason for being there
that is far more compelling than just looking at the scenery.
You become a participant rather than a spectator;
the creatures of the watery world become an extension
of those things you care about...almost like family and friends.”




Welcome to the Texas Women Fly Fishers Web site! Our mission is to create opportunities and encourage, educate, and mentor women's responsible participation in the recreational sport of fly fishing. We support the policies and goals of the International Federation of Fly Fishers™ and are open to women, men, and children, from beginner to experienced, through programs sponsored by women from the Texas Women Fly Fishers.

Our goal is to gather people with the common bonds of love for fly fishing, communing with nature, and camaraderie to make those golden memories that enrich our lives. Whether you are a novice or an expert fly fisher, we welcome you and look forward to you joining us at one of our outings.

Some of the goals of our Web site are to provide:

schedules of outings and events

interesting and informative articles,

,communication links to our officers, and

avenues for input from our members.

The energy and vitality of any organization depends upon the participation of its members, so please,let us hear from you!


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